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Amazing Race
The Amazing Race - Promo Kit - CBS
The Amazing Race - Recap Show CBS
The Amazing Race - Ice Bull    CBS
The Amazing Race - EP 1 CBS
The Amazing Race - EP 2 CBS

The Amazing Race - EP 4 CBS

The Amazing Race - EP 9 CBS
The Amazing Race Audition Tape W/ Jonathan and Victoria 
Amazing Race Flight Patterns
The Girls Next Door
Girls Next Door                      Promo 2009               E Entertainmant
Girls Next Door 2009              Spa Who Loved Me     E Entertainment
Girls Next Door 2006              Shower                      E Entertainment
Girls Next Door 2005 - 2008    Out Takes                  E Entertainment
Reality Fear Factor
Celebrity / Reality  FEAR FACTOR   NBC
Reality Fear Factor Car Stunt    NBC
Reality Fear Factor Raw Footage  NBC
Reality Fear Factor Fight Promo   NBC
Reality Fear Factor Fight Promo 2 NBC
Reality Fear Factor Promo Media Kit NBC
Battle of the Network Reality Stars
Battle of the Network Reality Stars - Promo  NBC
Battle of the Network Reality Stars - Dodge Ball  NBC
Battle of the Network Reality Stars - Victoria Joust  NBC
Battle of the Network Reality Stars video scrapbook  NBC
Battle of the Network Reality Stars - Jonathan Interview NBC
Other TV Shows
Au Pair Promo 2010 - E! Entertainment
Spah  2009 - VH1
Kill Reality and The Scorned 2008  E Entertainment
Playboy Mansion Party / Events
Playboy Mansion Party / World of Playboy
New Year's Eve Playboy Mansion
Midnight Summer Dream Playboy Party 
Hugh Hefner Birthday Party with Trump
Casablanca Night with Hugh Hefner
Jonathan Baker
Art of Spa - NBC Hosting
The Mark - Live Speech to Hugh Hefner
Big Sur Ferrari Birthday drive on Route 1
Esalen on US 1
Skin Spa - Hideway in the city
Clowning Around in the Circus
Baby on the way.......Priceless
Esalen Baths Big Sur CA  ( Every Year For My Birthday 2007 )
ToHelluRide Snow Boarding 2007
Trease@Madagascar:Escape 2 Africa Premiere
The Tale Of Despereaux" Premiere
A Taste Of Fame 2008 Trease
Golden Globes Spoof 2008
Movie Premiere Jonathan
Lights, Camera, Fame
Movie Premiere - Victoria
Barbra Streisand walks in on Jonathan
John Travolta Film Premiere
Amazing Race Rap Song  -  Music
Amazing Race Season One with Phil's Voice
- Artist
Roller Coster Scream
Victoria and Omarosa
Music Video
.net Promo
The Story Of Love
Priceless Gift   (Feb 14 2006)
Winder Wonderland  (4 weeks)
People Magazine Forever Young shoot   (8 weeks)
Happy Never After Premire  (10 weeks)
Esalen Baths ( 3 Months )
Telluride Colorado Snow Board Trip ( 4 Months )
OK Magazine Shoot Streets of NYC ( 8 Months )
Reality Baby Turns One
Key West Island   (Nov 2007 )
Lunch Time with Daddy 1.8 years
Mammoth Mountain ( Feb 2008 )
Surfing USA in the OC ( Summer 2008 )
Worldwide Chicco Commercial ( 23 months )
Unforgettable 2nd Bithday ( 2 Years )
Vail CO 2.5 ( Years )
Disneyland 2.8 ( Years )
Big Sur C.A. Jan 3 2010 (3.5 Years)
New York City 2010 (3.10 years)
Other Interesting Videos
Trease, You Got Punked On Your 2nd Birthday
Bon Jovi 3rd Row and Back Stage
Racers from seasons 1-7 togthere in Vegas for Amzing Race 8 Premiere
Jon and Kris in Cabo with Jonathan and Victoria
Reality Poker at Fairplay's house - Can you name everbody?
L.A. Mission feeding the homeless
Victoria puts a hit on Jonatahan sending in Bolo
Aaron and Hayden and their dogs
Amazing Race Press
The Amazing Race Promo Ads
Amazing Race opening montage
The Early Show intro to teams
Amazing Race Fox News Intro
The Early Show after elimination  
Radio Interviews and Music
Battle Zone Promo 97.1 All Talk Radio
Voice of Reality XM Radio
The Reality Minute Special Report 
Mr Nasty Promo Tar 6
FM -Radio Canada the River part one Tar 6
FM -Radio Canada the River part two Tar 6
FM -Radio Canada the River part three Tar 6
PreviouslyOn Amazing Race Song
Amazing Race Theme Song
Amazing Race 14 Theme Song
Battle Zone Bumper
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