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November 23, 2018
Face Book

Please check Face Book for all future up dates on everything that is going on in our life's.

Its going to be a very exciting year, Life is good :)

May 26, 2014

I love endorsements......... Jolt is a new gum that used to be a famous soda that paved the way for Red Bull, Rock Star and Monster energy drinks. So when CBS and Jolt asked us on to this project we said yes with a smile. They now are in over 100 markets world wide. Jolt this.......................

Click Here to see Jonathan Baker Jolt Gum

February 13, 2014
New York Post

I shot a show last month called Modern Moms that was picked up in the New York Post. See below.
We will know about the pick up soon. This show is not only reality gold but fun to work on too.
I love it when i get to draw myself bad. Stay tuned for a wild ride.

Why entrepreneurial TV shows like 'Shark Tank' and 'Pawn Stars' are TV's new Idols - via @newyorkpost

December 19, 2013
A Time For Heroes Celebrity Carnival at VH1

Benefitting the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation.

This event was fun and it feels good to just give back. And when you can give back with your friends it is that much more rewarding. I think every reality personality stopped by to show support.

November 1, 2013
9th Annual World Poker Tour Celebrity Invitational

Another great year of Celebrity for the World Poker Tour, over 100 Celebrity showed up. Over 400 players in all showed up for day one and by day two there were only 99 of us left. On day two I was the chip leader, final day I came in 25 out of 400. Life is good

October 17, 2011
Dinner party with Tori Spelling.

Check out FaceBook for pictures

July 1, 2011
Reality Minute does Big Brother 10

We'll be back with season 13 of Big Brother. Be prepared for all new twists and turns and even more excitment on the show!

May 6, 2011
Aupair Diary Only on E!

Set your DVR this fall for starting next month. Fridays at 10pm. We take take the camera though Hollywood and on to the set of Trease show Brothers and Sisters for ABC. Its going to be a great fun.

March 5, 2011
BIG birthday bash with Paris Hiltion. Everything this woman does is over the top. Had fun. Pictures posted. 2011 is going to be a great year.

January 15, 2011
"Vanity Fair Portraits: Photographs 1913-2008" Exhibit Grand Opening

This was a grand event at the MOCA. If you love the magazine then you will love this show. The pictures they showed had such passion for life and style. Life is Good.

On a side note........

I decided to take Trease to see a another play tonight. She just loves the arts. Then off to Musso and Franks LA oldest restaurant dead center in the middle of Hollywood for dinner. Interesting night as we left the camera outside started flashing and me and Trease are now on the cover of the LA times Food section. They were doing a story on the restaurant. Funny things happen on the way too.....

December 12, 2010
Follow on Twitter

See Jonathan and Trease in real time. From the red carpet to inside the mansion and right on to the set of all the shows we do. Live moment to moment. Next up live from the set of ABC Brothers and Sister.

November 18, 2010
Daytime tv new show the TALK on CBS premiers Monday. I will be on for the next few weeks as a street host talking up LA and the topics of the shows. Trease even makes a appearance on one segment.

October 3, 2010
Vegas and More

Just got back from Vegas just Trease and Daddy and the film crew. We saw Elton John and Terry Factor both show will be on our show when it hit in the fall. Holly Madison our long time firend who is doing a show in town came by to say hi as well. Lots of fun we stayed at The Hotle and havd the time of our life. Fun SUN and lot of shows. Stay tuned for some fun drama :)

June 1, 2010
At Shannon Elizabeths house playing high stakes poker. Long day.

I just love it that all my friends play poker and we all go from Vegas to LA seeing each other at different venues.

May 24, 2010
E Entertainment 20th Party

This party is going, the red carpet to the the stars that are sitting 360 around us. Funny thing is everyone has a twitter or a Facebook and you can see the smart phones at work. Does this mean they just the party or they are just too cool for the party. You can answer that on my own Face Book See you around the campus. Pictures in gallery video to come. its been a fun day.

May 17, 2010
E! Entertainment


Getting ready to start filming a new show for E! We will be on location over the next few weeks in and out of town. Check back for pictures and video clips from behind the camera fun. In the mean time check the new clips in the motion section of this site for new and updated fun. Also check out our Photo Guest Book section were 2.0 just became about YOU.

May 1, 2010
Reality Minute

New Reality Minute has been posted. Check out the drama, the inside info and the new guests that share their views on the current season. Thanks for making us number one in your market place.

Click Here to listen to the Reality Minute

Click Here to listen to the Amazing Race Rap Song

January 3, 2010
Happy Birthday

January 3 Happy Birthday ME!

Live the adventure

December 29, 2009
Brothers and Sisters only on ABC

Trease is now part of the family she plays Elizabeth on ABC Brothers and Sisters. She beat out 500 kids to win the role. She know has 4 shows she will be in though out the 2010 year. One lucky kid. I love being her daddy. Pictures and Video will be posted soon.

August 30, 2009
Reality Poker King

Just when you thought it could not get any more interesting, I got a call from the MGM people asking me to come play in a celebrity poker tournament. So over the last week I saw Holly Madison who is staring on the strip in Peepshow and then played in a no limit hold um game. Not only did I win but it will be on TV this fall. All the money went to the charity Children of the Night. They help runaways find not only them selfs but they try to give them their life back. If you want to see more twitter me

August 17, 2009
Summer 2009

It has been a fast and fun summer on the east coast. Took Trease and went 5000 mil es, NYC Hamptons ,Fire Island, Rhode Island and Boston all done by planes Train's and automobiles. We did a mini Amazing Race. Last night we got home and L A just did not feel the same. Our show the Au-Pair for E! showed well and we will start production on it again late Sept. Stay tuned for pictures and video.

July 8, 2009
Michael Jackson memorial service

Celebrities are strolling down a black carpet into Staples Center for the Michael Jackson memorial service.

Movie director Spike Lee stopped to pose beside a Michael Jackson poster. Actor Wesley Snipes, who appeared in Lee's "Jungle Fever," Omarosa of "The Apprentice" and "Amazing Race / Girls Next Door" stars Jonathan Baker and Victoria Fuller were among the early arrivals.

The entire Kardashian clan has entered the venue, as has Lou Ferrigno, the former "The Incredible Hulk" star and Jackson's personal trainer who in recent days has recounted to countless reporters his work with Jackson.

Stars of yesteryear TV were also on hand--Jaleel White of Steve Urkel fame and Elizabeth Berkley of "Saved by the Bell" were among the guests.

Other celebrities included Barbara Walters in a black pantsuit and ropes of pearl necklaces. Tyler Perry was there in a cornflower blue tie, black suit, white shirt and sunglasses. And no wig.

LeVar Burton arrived in a midnight blue suit and tie. And no sunglasses.

-- Richard Winton
LA Times

July 1, 2009
"The Spa Who Loved Me"........ Only On E!

Reality Royalty Jonathan Baker, Victoria Fuller, and Reality baby Trease Baker from The Amazing Race fame open up their delectable Skin Spa (Skin Spa the adult playground for the rich and famous) his wife and pop artist / Playboy Playmate, Victoria Fuller, along with their ... Read More daughter Trease. Live vicariously in the lap of luxury and laugh with some of the most beautiful women to grace reality television today. "We had such a blast spending time with our good friends Holly, Bridget, Kendra at the Spa, it was a magical environment and the perfect backdrop (with the exception of the Mansion that is) for The Girl's Next Door," said Jonathan Baker.

April 25, 2009
Trease in Disneyland 2009

Click Here to see the Happiest Place on Earth

Need I say more after that video.

April 22, 2009
Us Magazine's Sexiest Stars Party

US Magazine always puts on a good party. We just got off the plane from NYC and went right to the event. We took Trease, did the red carpet said high to every we knew and then went home to bed. All and all it was fun but we were tired. Disneyland bound tomorrow.

April 8, 2009
Los Angeles Premiere of 'Hannah Montana The Movie'
El Capitan Theatre, Hollywood, CA.

Disney sure knows how to put on a premiere........ Trease is too young to know just who Miley is but she sure had fun meeting her. The film was sweet and everything you would want from a teen film for girls. I just love being a kid again. Life is good.

March 13, 2009
A Star is Born

This is Trease second commercial that will air in three different languages during 2008 / 2009

Click Here to see the world Premiere

The Director is Tony Kay from American History X Look close you can see me

March 5, 2009
Us Weekly's Hot Hollywood
The Opera Club
Hollywood, CA

This was the party to be at if you were Young Hollywood. We had a great time seeing friends, we left at 2 am and the party was still going strong. Being a dad means you do not get to go out as often as you did when you were young and free. Everything in moderation.

March 2, 2009
Amazing Race 14

It is that time again.........

Amazing Race 14 kicked off with a bang.I am loving this season as the Amazing Race 14 takes off. What can I say they had adrenaline and culture packed in to the hour. Now if they bring back the Fast Forward and use it as part of the game and not just for looks I will be doing back flips next week. Not since Amazing Race 6 have they made the race look and feel so amazing. New editors with a new style, split screens and so much more that a die hard would notice right from the start. Listen to Reality Minute for all the inside info.

Click Here to listen to the Reality Minute

Click Here to listen to the Amazing Race Rap Song

Click to read the Press Releases Form Our Radio Station

February 25, 2009
History of the Fast Forward

I love talking about the Fast Forward because it is the game with in the game of the Amazing Race. In season 1 - 4 the FF was use all the time and it was made to bring the bottom teams forward and even out the playing field. Then CBS said cut the budget or lose the show and the producers used the FF to do just that and by doing so change what I like to call the game with in the game forever. Season 5 - 12 used the FF in mostly non elimination rounds were the FF was only used by the strong teams to further there leads. Boring ! The in season 13 the producers started to use the still only few FF in the season but used them in elimination rounds and saw that the there was a game with in the game to be had. Now we round EP 2 of the Amazing Race 14 and I have been told they will start to use the FF once again for what it was made for. We can only HOPE this is true.

Click Here to listen to the Reality Minute

February 18, 2009
Haven House Oscar Suite
Beverly Hills,CA

Going to the Oscars Sunday. We went to this pre Oscar party and the gift bag was amazing. Life is good.

February 11, 2009
Vail CO

We went to denver to shoot our new show and then took a side trip to Vail Co. We put Trease up on Ski s and spent a few days in the snow. Check out the highlights. More to come

Click Here to see the video

January 24, 2009
The Amazing Race 14

In an interview with me , co producer Bertram Van Muster revealed that the teams will visit Central Siberia, Russia and also Beijing, China. Bertram also promised that this season will feature "less airport drama". Bertram also revealed that this season will feature the first deaf contestant in The Amazing Race's American version. The deaf contestant is rumored to be a female and will have to communicate entirely on sign language. See see at the starting line Feb 15 on CBS. Make sure to sign up for the new Finish Line news letter from Reality

Click Here to listen to the Reality Minute with Jonathan and Ara

January 15, 2009
Old Hollywood The Art Show
Beverly Hills, California

The night the stars came out to see Victoria's new art work.
Gene Simmons Jenny Mccarthy Holly Madison. So many people showed up we had to close the doors. check out

Click Here to see the Art

December 21, 2008
The Tale Of Despereaux" Premiere

What a fun weekend, first we where asked to feed the Beluga Whales early in the morning, they were fun and very child like. Then Trease went to her first holiday party of the season at actor Ron Moss Mansion where she sings for a small group. Last Sunday she got to meet Despereaux on the Red Carpet. Take a look, it was a cute moment with all the cameras going off.

Click Here for video

December 10, 2008

Reality Minute Season Final

One of the best season in a long time.

Click Here for the Reality Minute

December 1, 2008
Girls Next Door only on E!

Filming GND all this week and next..............

November 27, 2008
Feeding the World

Happy Thanks Giving........ Before we eat we give back. Feeding the world one plate at a time. If we can do it we ask that you do it in some way. There is no way anyone in your local area should not eat on this day. GodSpeed.

November 24, 2008
Bolt" Los Angeles Premiere
El Capitan Theatre
Hollywood, CA

Yippy Kia Yay Bolt....... This was a fun day for all. We got there late because we had just come in from Vegas, so we ran not walked though the red carpet. Trease had the time of her life. Bolt is the new 007.

Click Here to see the Red Carpet

November 11, 2008
Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa" Los Angeles Premiere

Wow what a turn out. It was like being in the animated version of Africa on the red carpet. The voices of the stars going off left and right the characters in costumes brought everything to life. Trease had the time of her life. Check out the pictures and video. Chris Rock and Will Smith were making the press laugh so much they had to start the fim 20 min late. Chris Rock is the new Donkey. If you look close you will see Will Smith in the video. Pictures in gallery section.

Click Here to see the Premiere video

November 8, 2008
The Reality Minute

We are going South with the Amazing Race 13 this season and the race is on. Get ready for the adrenaline and no sleep this season. Enough said. Check out Reality Minite for your inside look this season.

New Reality Minute is up

Click Here for Amazing Race 13 on The Reality Minute

Life is Good

October 25, 2008
Happy Birthday Trease @ 11:20 on Oct 6 2006

I Love You

Click Here to see Trease's Unforgettable 2nd Birthday

October 14, 2008
The Girls Next Door E!

Our new season of The Girls Next Door starts this Sunday Oct 5 at 9 pm. This our final season will have us doing and going like never before. Five season strong and the fun never stops at the famed Playboy Mansion. Thanks for all the emails and to all the fans that love us and hate us thank you.

October 3, 2008
Los Angeles Premiere of 'Max Payne' Grauman's Chinese Theatre

This was a fun night. The film was good the party was better and all the stars showed up to party. The red carpet went on and on. Life is Good.

Click Here to see Max Payne Red carpet

September 27, 2008
Amazing Race 13

On the starting line, the world is waiting for you ( my favorite line in reality TV ) go......... The teams are off and I thought in stead of picking my top three teams to win I would change it up this year and pick by bottom three to lose by mid game. All though this season seems dry to me from the start but I will not allow that to be part of the race until leg 5. This is when the real race starts and the riff raff is gone. With that said the three bottom feeders will be Anita and Arthur, Andrew and Dan and last Marisa and Brooke. Victoria's team to beat are Nick and Starr. Funny thing is this is my first season were I do not have a favorite at the starting line.

When Phil says go, flash backs will fire up and transport me back to day one on our race it always does. You love or you hate it but when the pressure is on, the game is on and you can do nothing but race that race around the world. GodSpeed to All. I will meet you at the finish line and will cover the entire race from start to finish

September 22, 2008
60th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Nokia Auditorium

That's right baby Emmy number Six. The night the other networks sit and watch The Amazing Race get crowned once again. We had fun on the red carpet, the show brought out old friends and that statue is really heavy. The party's all around town went all night long. Thank you CBS for making it all happen once again. You are asking were did that Emmy come from? We won for our season last year lets not forget. I have my ways of making things happen. :)

September 17, 2008
Last Reality Minute of Big Brother 10

The season is in the book and we have a winner. We were there live to see Dan crowned the winner last night. Dan played the best game in many seasons past and my hat is off to him. I think chill town should call him up and invited him in to there wolf pack.

Thank you all for a great season. We will see you on the starting line for the Amazing Race 13 Sept 28 2008 on CBS.

Click Here to listen to the Reality Minute

September 8, 2008
The Amzing Race 13

The thirteenth season of the Amazing Race is set to kick off at the end of September and Reality Minute will be at the starting line. CBS has just revealed the eleven teams who will be racing. The eleven teams will start the race from the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, which is the only stadium in the world to host the Olympics twice. The Amzing Race 13 Sept 28 2008.

September 1, 2008

Reality Royalty / Reality Expert And Reality Star Jonathan Baker ( Amazing Race / Girls Next Door / Celebrity Fear Factor ) Comes In At Number Two As Memorable TV GUIDES Reality Villains You Won't Ever Forget!

1 Omarosa, The Apprentice and Celebrity Apprentice
2 Jonathan Baker, The Amazing Race 6 / Celebrity Fear Factor
3 Jonny Fairplay, Survivor Pearl Island and Survivor Micronesia
4 Puck, Real World San Francisco
5 Trish Schneider, The Bachelor 5
6 Lisa Fernandes, Top Chef 4
7 Spencer Pratt, The Hills
8 Wendy Pepper, Project Runway
9 Ramona Singer, The Real Housewives of New York City
10 Lisa DAmato, Americas Next Top Model 5

August 17, 2008
Grand Opening of the Apple Lounge. West Hollywood, CA.

We walked in had a drink and walked out. I am just too old for simple drinking and way too much Bla Bla going on. When you are single it all has meaning. I thank god everyday I have Trease to hang out and play with.

August 15, 2008
"City Block Party" At Paramount Pictures back lot Sponsored by Departures Magazine for The 6th Annual Project A.L.S. Los Angeles Benefit @ Paramount Studios

We have had a big few weeks. First filming a new show for FOX then off to Vegas to shoot a poker show that will air this winter and last this event they flew us in for. We were late to arrive but had a lot of fun playing on the back streets of the Paramount Studios. The red carept was crazy long. When stars come out and play with their children they do it with a smile. it was good to see everyone this weekend.

August 13, 2008
Los Angeles Premiere of "Swing Vote". El Capitan Theatre, Hollywood, CA.

This was a very cute film that no one will see until it gets to cable. We had fun with it and the party after was interesting. People are starting to think we were born out of the Playboy's Girls Next Door not the Amazing Race. Funny how things change in time.

Click Here to see Red Carpet Pictures

August 1, 2008
US Weekly Hot Hollywood 2008

The red carpet for this event was so long we almost did not get to enjoy the party. We always get an invite to the US Magazine Hot Hollywood party because I did a story for Us Magazine when I was 16 years old and have had a great relationship with them ever since. This year the food was great and the gift bags were over the top amazing. We just came from the Rock the Cradle set and so everyone was in the mood to party.

June 28, 2008
Film Independent's Los Angeles Film Festival 2008

It was a crazy weekend, three red carpets back to back. Wanted was the first film and what a fun film it was. Hell Boy Two was the next night, I did not like the first one so this was just boring to me and Last I took Trease to Journey to the Center of the Earth in 3d and that was fun fun fun. The after partys were all exciting.

May 4, 2008
Los Angeles Premiere of "Iron Man" At Mann's Grauman Chinese Theatre,

This will be a action film to be remembered. Robert Downey JR gives this film it's soul. We walked the red carpet saw old friends and just had a great time. Just when I think I want to move back to NYC I remember how much fun LA is. Life is good.

April 22, 2008
Happy Anniversary

Seven years married today and twelve years together. Now that is a lifetime. Life is Good

Click to see our wedding picture

April 17, 2008
Big Brother 9


Off The block this week.......

We will dish the dirt and lay down the truth. Howie from All Stars will be our guest every Thursday.

Click Here for the Reality Minute

April 15, 2008
6th Annual World Poker Tour Celebrity Invitational

Interesting night, this event brought out everyone, reality personality's, big name actors and of course big time poker pros. First there was the pick up in eco friendly cars, then the green felt carpet and last there was the private VIP party. The list of actors and reality personality went on for ever. I made it half way though the night and then it happen......... a three handed all in with AQ of spades on the button. It was a fun night.

Click Here to walk the Red Carpet and see all the stars I played poker with

April 12, 2008

Jackie Warner Hosts the Celebrity Mixer Event for mentoring children. This event was for a good cause. When you mentor a child god shines on you.

April 7, 2008
2008 GQ 'Men Of The Year' Celebration

At the Chateau Marmont we all came togethere, it was a night of wow. The A list came out to party and we felt lucky to be in their spot light. We went with Anna Farris who just shot the new film House BunnyVictoria had a small part in it. Life Is Good.

March 10, 2008
No Reality Minute this week due to filming.

February 23, 2008
2008 Film Independent's Spirit Awards
Santa Monica, CA

What a day, went from Trease in swim class to red carpet at the Spirit Awards. No Oscars or Oscars party's this year. We are heading up to the Playboy Mansion for Dinner and to see the awards. It has been a wild year. Life is Good.

February 13, 2008
Mammoth Mountain

Here is a look at how we play. Trease sure is a trooper. She loved it all.

Click Here to Ride

February 3, 2008
Survivor - Fairplay

Get ready for Survivor - Fairplay this Thursday on CBS. Reality Minute .com will be there for all the twists and turns. Its about time to see who is smarter. Fairplay or nothing this season.

February 1, 2008

Just got back from Sundance. We did some filming for a new documentary I am doing and one of my films from last year has made top three. Took Trease with me and she stole the show every place I took her. She makes me sparkle. Stay tuned pictures and videos on the way. Life is good.

January 21, 2008
"Reality Minute TAR 12 Finale"

TK and Rachel win The Amazing Race 12. In the end, The Amazing Race 12 came down to the final Roadblock task. And ultimately, while there was tension as the teams tried to complete it and then raced to their final series of clues, the presence of three likable teams in the final leg meant that any outcome would have been satisfactory, and that the final leg would be pretty much without significant drama.

Reality Minute for all your inside information on Reality TV

Click Here to listen to the Reality Minute

January 14, 2008
The Real Golden Globes of 2008

No one showed up for the Golden Globes this year so when the show producers asked us to save the day we jumped right to it. Check out this funny short of Reality TV personality's saving the Golden Globes.

Click Here to see the Golden Globes Spoof

January 11, 2008
Access Hollywood "Stuff You Must..." Lounge

Ok so there will be no Golden Globes this year but the swag is still there for the taking. We had fun this week collecting gifts from all the diffent types of vendors. On top of it Skin Spa is the proud sponsor to the Golden Globes annex this year. Too bad only reality stars are the only ones showing up for all that free stuff.

Added bonus anyone calling Skin Spa this week and next week to book will get 50 dollar bosster upgrade by just asking for the Golden Globe Treatment.

December 24, 2007
Happy Hoildays

No Reality Minute this week.

December 16, 2007
Girls Next Door only on E

We are back................ For a new seaon of the Girls Next Door. We will appear in four out of 18 shows this year. The first one being today The Fourth of July EP were Holly and I go at it on the custom made water slide on the Playboy Mansions front lawn then Jonathan MC the water slide race of the summer between Lauren Hill and Victoria. Trease waves the starting flag and the summer kicks off with a bang. This season was so much fun to made. Look for Jonathan. Victoria and Trease all winter long on the E! The Girls Next Door.

December 11, 2007

Happy Birthday Victoria

Jonathan and Trease wish you a good nights sleep this next year.

December 9, 2007
Amazing Race 12

The Travel game is on .................

The Travel game on the Amazing Race 12 is in full effect. It is nice to see that all the teams are taking this race seriously. Last night had a lot of mind games going on, some won and one lost but in the end production made sure everyone was one a level playing field when the planes landed.I just loved it. My wild card team of Nicolas & Donald are still fighting hard and playing the game on all fronts.

Jennifer & Nathan this seasons Jonathan and Victoria but the roles are reversed. They are just out of control for all of the same reason we were. They are trying to get first place and sick of coming in second place all the time. He calls her a Bitch and she goes off on him and next week she turn ugly. This race bring out the competitive factor and sometimes it is just all about the race and nothing else. The lesson is simple. It is how you play the game not how you win it. the Journey is everything. I am sorry I did not use the same advice for myself on our season. Godspeed.

Reality Minute for all your inside information on Reality TV

Click Here to listen to the Reality Minute

December 7, 2007
Amazing Race 13 and the Auto Company's

What a difference a couple of weeks make. Remember last month, the three auto company heads flew to Washington in private jets looking for the bailout? Well this time, the three CEO’s drove in their own hybrid cars. 520 miles. You know what I think the government should have done here? Make it like the Amazing Race: drop these guys off, no money, no transportation. Give them some tools - they have to build a car. The first one to Washington gets the bailout!

See ya at the finish line..........

November 9, 2007
King of Hearts Gala
Hollywood CA

This night was all about giving back. We went with a group of actor friends and just had a great time. Hollywood is a great place when you just want to have fun. This gala was done amazing and we thank the event for inviting us and our friends.

November 5, 2007
Amazing Race 12

I am standing in the Playboy Mansion doing Reality Minute Live this morning. As I look out at the starting line for Amazing Race 12 and reflect on last nights show, I have to say CBS did it right. Great cast, Great locations and most of all great conflict. I loved the adrealin from last nights show. The bikes over the cliffs was very unique and fun to watch. The donkeys reminded me of our loss on our season, they realy do have a stubbern mind of there own. It was the luck of the draw for the teams this time around and who ever came up short was going home. Ari & Staella have a nice flight back.

Click Here to listen to the Reality Minute

October 27, 2007
Key West

We just got back from shooting and touring. We shot a new show in NYC called City Lights, it will be out mid season. We then toured Victoria's art though New York City, Mimai and Vegas. Along the way we spent a few days in the Florida Keys. Check it out.

Click Here to see the video

October 12, 2007

Back in town Monday Oct 22 2007.

October 8, 2007
Around the World for Free

Lets follow the trials and tribulations of Amazing Race winner Alex Boylan, as he attempts the impossible - strip himself of all monetary funds... no cash, credit cards, food stamps, I.O.U.'s... NOTHING!! - and with only a single backpack of life's essentials, including a few shirts and pants, underwear, a toothbrush and sunscreen... he is going to circumnavigate the globe! I would have loved to do this with Alex.

Click Here to follow Alex Around the World

October 6, 2007
Reality Baby Turns One

Happy Birthday Trease. I am proud to say I am your father. This year was full of amazing moments. We went around the planet, some for work and some for play, in the end it was just heart felt to see it all unfold with such Joy and excitement.

One year ago today my life changed and changed for the best. Today we celebrate Trease and Victoria for carrying Trease. 40 of our friends and family will come together to share in this wonderful day. I thank you all for being part of Trease first year. Godspeed.

Having a baby was the most spiritual moment of our life, The Universe opens up and smiles on you.

People Magazine is doing a story so look out for it on the stands next Monday.

Click Here to Peek inside Trease's Birthday

October 4, 2007
Reality Minute - Survivor China

Survivor China is in full swing. I love the location, the views and most of all the game it's self. I think this season is off to a good start. I do however think the teams as they stand right now are uneven in strength and mental agility. As you will see in this weeks Reality Minute Todd is playing the best game so far this season.

Looks like Survivor All Stars is about to film. listen in to the show for inside info on who and how the game will be played.

Click Here to listen to the Reality Minute

October 1, 2007
Fox Reality Channel Awards 2007
Club Boulevard 3 in Hollywood

It was a night of fun for Reality TV. The red carpet went on for over 45min. This event was much better than last years show. I think the only person missing from Hollywood was Britney.

September 12, 2007
Reality Minute - Survivor

Our friend Jeff Probst offers a tour of something we have never seen in 15 seasons: Survivor base camp.

Click Here to see Jeff Probst tour of Base Camp

Reality Minute - Survivor starts Sept 21 at noon.

September 11, 2007
Los Angeles Confidential Pre-Emmy Party

I love this event. We have gone for the last few years. We go to the Emmy's ever year and see so many friends. It is fun to check in and see everyone. Party's come and go but people in this industry have a connection because of the creative. Thanks for a great week. See you at the Emmy's.

September 3, 2007
34th Telluride Film Festival -
Telluride, CO USA

After we filmed last week we got on a plane and went to the Telluride Film Festival with Bay. His G4 airplane was quite the ride. I love independent films. They have a story line that one does not get to see these days. We had fun at all the party's and during the last event we showed off the poster for Bay's soon to be film. Life is good.

Click Here to see the Red Carpet

August 24, 2007
Filming end of week.

Victoria and myself are heading to Camp Maluium at Huntington Lake in CA to act in a film for our friend Michael Bay. Small parts but it will be a fun time for all.Look for us on screen next spring. We will be gone for a week but we will however do Reality Minute from our remote location Monday. Back in town after Labor Day. Life is good.

August 22, 2007
Paint The Future at Daniel Malzman Studio

Young Hollywood came out to play last night. Danny is a good friend and amazing artist, he paints with victoria all the time so when he asked us to be part of his art show we just said yes. The event started early enough that we could bring Trease. She just loves pop art. Pointed at everything.

Click Here to see pictures of the Red Carpet

August 16, 2007
Girls Next Door Only On E!

We just finished taping a new segment on the Girls Next Door. Hef, Holly Kendra, Bridget and 10 playmates all got in to a big tour bus and headed down to Huntington Beach. Kelly Slater showed the girls and 7 playmates how to surf. The night ended with food twister, limbo and roasted marshmallows. Life is Fun.

August 15, 2007
Disney's "High School Musical 2" World Premiere
Disneyland Anaheim, CA USA

I love when Disney Studios has a premiere. They sure roll out the red carpet, they send us down to Disneyland in a town car, then the fun starts and ends with Mickey Mouse. This film is for kids and yes we brought Trease. The food and games were amazing. We had fun, fun, fun and I got to be a kid again yaaaaa. M I C K E Y M O U S E...............

August 13, 2007
Rush Hour 3 Premiere - Red Carpet
Mann's Chinese Theater Hollywood CA

We always have fun at premiers. We walk the Red Carpet do a lot of interviews,shoot a lot of pictures and then get to hang out and party with our friends. This film was fun, funny and takes you on wild ride. Life is Good.

August 1, 2007
Reality Minute - Big Brother 8

On the block this week.......

Is GOD a player in the Big Brother 8 house this season ? What a bunch of cry baby's, do the house guests know this is a game for 500,000? It is mayhem in the house with Dick and Daniele on the block this week and Dick is still the only true game player in the house this season. That is not saying much since everyone else's is playing this high school type of game and just floating to the end this season. Yes the peasants have revolted and raised to try and take on Evil Dick but collectively they just do not have the brain power to take him down even though he might be going home. Jessica as HOH is just as boring as Eric telling her what do and is she going to feel like a fool when the game is over. Bring it on Dick lets see how much drama you can stir in your last week in the house. I think it is time to call on the Devil for help. This will insure your POV.

Click Here for the Reality Minute

July 28, 2007
Beckham Welcome to L.A. Party

Wow....This event was like going to the Oscars. Some of you may ask why we were there, the answer is short and sweet. I am doing a film with Brain Grazer that is set to shot soon and he asked us if we wanted to go. We knew most of the people there anyways. Life Is Good. Welcome to LA Mr and Mrs Beckham.

July 9, 2007
Loft 2008

Jonathan is hosting a reality show for VH1 this next week and next week called Loft. If you are down in the Long Beach area don't be shy, say hi and he will put you on camera.

New Trease Pictures from our shoot in NYC with OK Magazine on the news stands next week. Life is Good

Click Here to see the video from the shoot

July 4, 2007
Playboy Mansion

We shot a full EP of The Girls Next Door for E today. One of my favorite days of fun is the fourth of July, even better at the Playboy Mansion West. This year they bought a water side the size of a football field and put it on there front lawn. FUN, fun , fun. When the day ended and the fireworks start going off we just all looked at each other with respect for the day. Trease came for the first three hours. Life is good.

July 1, 2007
Reality Cares Presents "Reality All-Stars" benefiting Operation Smile

We always come out for children. This event was for a sweet cause. A smile is worth a thousand words. I asked the producers of Loft to make a storyline for this amazing day. Life is good pass it around.

Iphone........ Amazing, nothing more needs to be said.

June 18, 2007
"Evan Almighty" World Premiere

Fun film. We got back from NYC and had a date with God. The after party was a lot of fun too. You would have thought we died and went to heaven. Life is good.

June 2, 2007
Gone to NYC until June 12

May 24, 2007
World Premiere of "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End"

Wow when Disney rolls out the red carpet, they send a towncar with Mickey Mouse as the driver. We had fun at this one and the cameras were all over Trease. I have to say I loved the California adventure party the best. They did not allow cameras so no pictures. See you next time. Thanks Mickey for a great time.

May 10, 2007
The Silver Spoon Hosts 4th Annual Dog and Baby Buffet

This past week has been fun and action packed. I got a call friends Tori Spelling and Shanna Moakler , who I have known for years and they asked if we wanted to have lunch with her at this event. We brought Trease and was showered with swag. The free gifts for trease were amazing. Check it out.

Click Here to see the Red Carpet and Swag

May 7, 2007
Amazing Race All Stars Finale

Amazing Race All Star is now over and After 28 days, five continents, and more than 45,000 miles Eric and Daniel win the Amazing Race but were never a dating couple after all my sources tell me. I like this season, wish there had been more Adrienne and more of a fight for the million dollars. I had wished Rob and Amber made it a little longer too but in the end Charla and Mirna gave us the drama we all needed to see to make good TV. Talk about drama we saw Dustin and Kandice have a cat fight and show us they are real under all that nice. Jon and kris from Amazing Race 6 spent the day with us Sunday. Come listen to what BJ, Kris and Victoria all had to say about this season of the Amazing Race All Stars. Thanks for a great season everyone.

Click Here for the Reality Minute

April 23, 2007
No Reality Minute this week, Gone Snowboarding

April 11, 2007
Girls Next Door only on E

Jonathan and Victoria on The Girls Next Door for the next two weeks. Come seee us play at the famous Playboy Mansion.

April 7, 2007
Mentor LA's Promise Gala Honoring Tom Cruise
20th Century Fox Studios

When Tom Cruise asks you to come to an event, we show up. We got an invite to help the children of LA and we went with great honor. I brought Skin Spa stuff for the moms and Victoria brought pop art for the dads. It is always good to give back.

Click Here to see the red carpet

April 4, 2007
Sons of Hollywood" Premiere Party

A & E April 1 9PM

Rod Stewart came out and had a great time with us last night. The party went on and on until pre dawn. That family sure knows how to party. On a side note I lived with the Spellings for two months back in 1994, it was a fun time. They are very nice people. I even taught Randy how to drive a car during my stay. We laughed at it over a few shots. This show on A and E is going to be a wild ride though Hollywood. If you look close you might even see me in one or two of the shows. I had fun never the less.

Click Here to see the Red Carpet Pictures

April 3, 2007
Telluride For Some Fun In The Sun And A Cover Shoot

We headed to Telluride for some fun in the sun on the slopes. Trease was a great flyer and even better in the snow. We had an amazing time. Victoria and I shot the cover of Telluride Magazine due out next month.

We are having so much fun with Trease the last five months that we forgot we decided not to do Amazing Race All Stars. I am blessed to have her smile at me everyday. Thanks for checking in with us.

Click Here to see the video Adventurues in Telluride

Click Here to see The Most Amazing Place on Earth

April 2, 2007
Reality Minute - Amazing Race All Stars

Auschwitz Bone Chilling.

Seeing the Amazing Race go to Auschwitz was one of the most bone chilling moments to come out of reality TV to date. Seeing the train tracks to the entrance just let my imagination go wild and sadden me to think people of the planet earth could let this happen.

On a lighter note.......

Once there was a Fast Forward that had meaning to the game. It allowed for the teams to use strategies. The way they have it now it make so sense what so ever. This leaves me to the intersection, where is the tension that comes with it? I see no way the other teams can use it again to find strategies in the Race using it. Last production knew this was an intersection so why have one prize when they knew two teams would show up at the mat. Is everyone asleep at the wheel with the powers to be? I firmly believe that in every Ep there should be one adrenaline task and one cultural task. If you look at the way Survivor has reinvented them self over the years one would think Amazing Race could do the same.

Click Here for the Reality Minute

March 26, 2007
Reality Minute - Amazing Race All Stars

The Travel Game Inside The Race

I love the travel game inside the Amazing Race. Last night was a true example of how the game needs to be played in every leg. This ads a strategic elements like the fast forward and makes the game so much more interesting. I want to point out how playing the game as a true race helped out Mirna and Charla when they took the first flight out instead of playing it safe. The Detour and Road blocks on the other hand need help. I believe adrenaline elements need to be add in one of the two legs to round out the excitement. Please listen to this week Reality Minute for an inside look.

Click Here for the Reality Minute

March 25, 2007
Work Out Tuesdays on Bravo at 9/8c pm.

Work Out?, Bravo TV?s newest reality series and docu-drama which follows the personal and professional life of Jackie Warner, personal trainer to the stars and owner of Sky Sport and Spa in Beverly Hills, will feature Victoria Fuller in many of the episodes.

March 12, 2007
Reality Minute - Amazing Race All Stars EP 4

Losing At The End Of The World, Next Stop HeLL

I guess if you are going to lose you might as well lose at the End Of the World, the Southern most tip in South America. Going from first to last makes it that much more interesting but in the end I am sad Rob and Amber are gone. Dumb luck that's all that beat them, they were good racers in my book. What did them in funny enough was their spelling. It goes to show you book smart and street smarts are worlds apart. Interesting enough Mirna says Charla is useless so what type of voodoo powers is at work on the Amazing Race All Stars I ask. Rob said that they were crazy as he stole their cab and in the end the Amazing Race gods did them in. Listen for all the inside info below.

Click Here for the Reality Minute

March 6, 2007
Jonathan Baker Presents Shades of Icons

The night was amazing. Hugh Hefner, Wil Smith and Terrence Howard just to name a few came out to see Victoria art. All work will be up through April 7. Art Brilliant 428 N. Rodeo DR, Beverly Hills, CA

Click Here to see pictures from Victoria World Tour Shades of Icons.

March 1, 2007
Los Angeles Premiere of LionsGate's "Happily N'Ever After"

Went out on the town with Trease today, She loved it. We had so much fun together. This was her first Film Premiere and she took it all in like a movie star :). This movie was cute and had a great cast, should do very well. Last night I saw Blood Diamond and thought it was the best film of the year. Best Actor Best Film. Life is good

Click Here to see pictures from the Premiere

Click Here to see Video from the Premiere

February 28, 2007
Reality Minute - Amazing Race All Stars

Rob and Amber coming in first for the third week in a row on The Amazing Race All Stars edition says it all. They are good racers and no one can ever take that away from them even if they lose the race. Charla and Mirna have got to be the insane because no one could be that funny the crazy antics they try to pull. Teri and Ian are still the wild card for me. I love their fire. Whohaaa. Time for this race and the racers to step up and start acting like an All Stars race. Bye Bye Dave and Mary don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Click Here for the Reality Minute

February 27, 2007
Jonathan Baker Presents Shades of Icons

You are cordially invited to join world renowned artist Victoria Fuller as she unveils her entire collection of fine art originals paintings, screen prints, and limited edition prints. All work will be up through the end of March.

Art Brilliant
428 N. Rodeo DR, Beverly Hills, CA

Thursday, March 1, 7:00pm

February 19, 2007
Reality Minute - Amazing Race All Stars

Last night kicked off the 11th season of The Amazing Race with the first All Star edition. It was bitter sweet to see everyone on the starting line with out us. As they left and Phil said go they all turn around and saw us waving good luck. This season should be full of twist and turns. I loved how Rob and Amber right out of the gate has made this season their own and then they backed it up by coming in first place. Take a listen to what we had to say about their win.

Click Here for the Reality Minute

February 15, 2007
The Reality Minute Preview

Well it is that time again. Amazing Race All Stars kicks off in two weeks and we have a preview and pedictions of all the teams. Some we like and some we just don't think are All Stars. Top four predictions in no order Dustin and Kandice, Rob and Amber Eric and Danielle and Charla and Mirna.

Click Here to listen to The Amazing Race preview on the All Stars

Got to love that Race Around The World. Life is Good

January 25, 2007
The Truth About Amazing Race All Stars.

We have been asked for weeks who what why and where about Amazing Race All Stars, the silance is broken.

Were you and Victoria contacted by CBS to be a part of the upcoming Amazing Race All-Stars?

We were in the running to do All Stars. Everyone involved and us agreed that the race came to close to the birth of Trease. Even though we wanted to race we knew that the baby s best interests needed to be looked after. Nothing is more important than a new life. We will for sure be ready to race on All Stars 2

Thoughts on Amazing Race All Stars...................

I am a big fan of Dustin and Kandice for the win. I hope Rob and Amber place top three, all others good luck. In my opinion if it does not have Jonathan and Victoria, Colin and Christy, Chip and Kim, The Hippies, and Jon and Kris alongside Rob and Amber and Dustin and Kandice then it just is not a true Amazing Race All Star Race.

Click Here To read About Jonathan and Victoria on The Amazing race All Stars

January 15, 2007
Big Sur CA

Click Here to see The Most Amazing Place on Earth

Check back soon for updates on Amazing Race 11 / Amazing Race All Stars.

Reality Minute will launch it's new season with Rob and Amber.

January 7, 2007
The Amazing Race Racers Site

It is here, the Amazing Race Racers site has launched along side with start of The Amazing Race 10. You can find all your favorite teams here. This site will inform you who is doing what and where. I want to Thank everyone at TARflies and Ray Houston for make this site come alive. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed. Everyone enjoy.

Click Here to see The Amazing Race Racers Site

January 1, 2007
Happy New years 2007

Click Here New years

Life is good.

December 25, 2006
Merry Christmas

Give Santa a break he is old and fat :)

December 17, 2006
Back in town just in time to wish you all Happy Holidays.

November 14, 2006
Gone Snowboarding

Back in town Soon

Life is Good

Reality TV Magazine on Baby Spa

November 13, 2006
Reality Minute

Reality Minute Special Edition

November 11, 2006
People Magazine "Exclusive"

Check out last weeks US Magazine and now this week pick up People Magazine for our exclusive two page interview and photo shoot on newstands today. Life is good.

Click Here to see pictures from the photo shoot

October 27, 2006
Fox Reality Presents "The Reality Remix Really Awards"

Air Date Oct 28 2006 Fox Reality on Direct TV

Once in a life 500 reality stars find their way to one event. This time it was The Reality Awards put on by Fox at Mike Boogies club Les Deux in Hollywood Ca. Take type A personality's put them all in a room and to top it off give them all the alcohol they can drink and mayhem will break out. Sure enough it did and the party went until dawn. When I was the calmest one in the room you know the entertainment factor was off the hook.

Click Here to see pictures of the event

October 20, 2006
World Premiere and Party for VH1's New Series, "Celebrity Paranormal Project"

Last night we all come out to be scared, very scared. My friends called me to come down and support their new show Celebrity Paranormal Project on VH1. I took my sister Nikki. We met up with Hef and the girls for dinner and then went out on the town to party.

Click Here to see pictures from the World Premiere of "Celebrity Paranormal Project"

October 7, 2006
Trease Alynette Baker

Born Oct 6 2006

11.21 AM

6.6 pounds

19 in.

Click Here to see and read about Trease

Victoria and I are the proudest parents ever!

October 4, 2006
Airdate for The Tyra Banks Show is Oct 20 2006 on the Oxygen Network

We will be on the Tyra Banks show talking about reality TV and branding. We will also be answering questions about the Amazing Race, Fear Facotor, The Girls Next Door and Hugh Hefner's relationship to both of us. Last we will talk about our new show You and me baby.

Click Here to see a preview ous us on the Tyra Banks Show

September 30, 2006
Softer Side On The Girls Next Door

See us the on E! the entire week of Oct 1 2006

Amazing Race s Jonathan Baker & Victoria Fuller Expecting A Baby Girl, Will Show Their Softer Side On The Girls Next Door.

Don t expect to see the controversial Jonathan Baker who tangled with Joe Rogan on Fear Factor, as Jonathan tells Reality TV Magazine that their Girls Next Door appearances will focus on their sweet side. The girls also poke a liitle fun at us. Jonathan talks Amazing Race 10 and the Emmy s

Click Here to read the full story on us in The Reality TV Magazing

September 22, 2006
US Weekly's Hot Hollywood Party

Last night started with a bang. First dinner with Mike Boogie and Dr Will of Big Brother fame at Les Deux. Then we headed over to the US Weekly party. Young Hollywood over flowed at the doors. As I looked around the room having fun fun fun I noticed us reality stars were invisible. Life is still good.

September 18, 2006
The Reality Minute Premier

We are going east with the Amazing Race 10 this season and the race is on. Get ready for the adrenaline and no sleep this season. Climbing the great wall of China with one leg was just amazing. Enough said. Check out Reality Minite for your inside look this season.

Click Here for Amazing Race 10 on The Reality Minute

Life is Good

September 16, 2006
Amazing Race 10

With the start of The Amazing Race 10 coming up Sunday I thought I would throw out my top favorite teams again. In no order the teams below made a first impression. Third season of the Reality Minute starts Monday.

Peter and Sarah - Love this team for the win
Kelli and Jamie - loyal to my friend Jamie.
Erwin and Godwin - Something tells me they find away to the top.
Tyler & James - alpha males......... No more said

The Amazing Race Rap Song click here

Got to love Racing Around the world..................

September 8, 2006
The Tyra Banks Show

Shooting the The Tyra Banks Show Tuesday. If you are around the Hollywood area come down to the studio and sit in the audience. Life is Good.

September 5, 2006
Reality Minute Fall Promo

Reality Minute is back this fall with all new in site. We will talk Amazing Race 10, Survivor and give you the dirt on the real reality you can't see. Because of you listening we are back for a third season.

Click Here for Big Brother on The Reality Minute

August 26, 2006
Kari Feinstein Emmy Style Lounge

The Amazing Race is up for yet another emmy tomorrow night. We will be on the red carpet so look for us. In the mean time we went to the emmy style lounge for some great swag. Get ready for The Amazing Race 10 starting Sept 17 2006. Next week I will put up my top four teams. Life is good.

August 23, 2006
GQ and Guess Present "The Roof is on Fire"

OK so I get a call to to be part of this event at 5 PM and the only reason I went was because they were going to sit me with Lauren Conrad, Heidi Montag and Whitney Port from the reality show The Hills and Laguna Beach. Yes I watch that trash :) I am a true fan of reality TV bottom line. So after I get there I was sitting with them talking about how there show was produced and they asked me to come on next season for an EP. I always say reality people have a strange way of finding each other. The party was fun and had lots of free gifts for everyone.

Click Here to see pictures from the event of the GQ and Guess event

August 14, 2006
Dr Phil

Of all the people in the world our friend Erica Dahm married Jay Mcdraw Dr Phil's son in a million dollar wedding ceremony at the Beverly Hills Hotel last night. The wedding was lush with love and had an energy that ran through it like no other I have been too. I will post pictures next week. Phil and I had a drink and a laugh, the party went all night long. Tune in Tuesday and Wednesday to The Dr Phil show on CBS to see it and us.

August 9, 2006
Tabloid Wars - This Monday 8 PM

We were in NYC the start of the summer doing a show called The Hamptons for VH-1 when we ran into the Tabloid Wars show. In the end our story for Tabloid Wars was about us being in the city doing promotions for NBC Reality Fear Factor and shooting the new show for VH-1 in the Hamptons. It is always interesting how the networks use us for ratings. Thank god we always have fun with it all.

August 5, 2006
Playboy Mansion Party

Tonight is Playboys biggest party of the year The Mid - Night Summer Dreams Party, come in your PJs. I will keep you posted next week with who was there and what happen. Until then........

July 30, 2006
Girls Next Door Season Two Premiere

The Girls Next Door starts tonight with Hef's Birthday and it was off the hook last April. We had so much fun that E! is kicking off the season with the wildest party of the year coming right in to your living room. We will then be on the show in mid September so look for us. Last week we went to the waterside park with the all the girls from the show and 10 playmates. I was the only guy,lucky me. Fun Fun Fun :)

July 26, 2006
WorkOut Premiere

Check out Victoria tonight on Bravo's new show WorkOut for the next three weeks.

July 20, 2006
Rockstar: Supernova Season 2" Premiere Party

So what is it like to be a Rock Star? Well I found out with the best. Dave Navarro,Tommy Lee and Hootie and the Blowfish just to name a few. We took over the Famous Roxy on Sunset Blvd. It was non stop music and drinking. Reality Camera's every place you looked. Hang with the big boys or go home crying. The night ended at 3am, I went to bed and they went to work.

What does Tommy Lee and David Charvet have in common? Tommy stole Pam Anderson from David in the late 80's today David is dating Brooke Burke. Life is good.

Click to see pictures from the Premiere Party

July 19, 2006
See you this summer on the E! network - The Girls Next Door starting in August. Also check out Victoria on Bravo's new show WorkOut starting July 19 8pm. Their is sure to be a lot of drama there.

July 11, 2006
Silver Spoon Dog and Baby Buffet

So I got a call from my old friend Tori Spelling asking me to come spend the day with her at the Silver Spoon Dog and Baby Buffet. Shannon Elizabeth who I play poker with joined us for lunch. It was a fun day. Life is good.

Click Here for Pictures Silver Spoon Dog and Baby Buffet

July 6, 2006
The Donald

Donald Trump was in full swing the night we had dinner with him. Ivanka came along for the fun. What a charming girl she was. What do you say to a guy that has everything. We talked about his California ventures, his family and what he likes to do for fun.. I think Donald Trump is about to take over the world at the rate he is going. He was fascinating to talk to that is for sure. His words of wisdom, Success is a state of mind. They are a very nice family.

July 1, 2006
The Social Club Hollywood Opening to Benefit the Charlize Africa Outreach Program.
Hollywood, California

Every summer a new and amazing club opens up to kick everything off. This summer The Social club opened with a bang. What was once the Hollywood Athletic Club is now and A list place to for stars to hang their hat. The food was great and the club had everything that L. A. has been missing for a long time, a dance floor the size of NYC. Life is Good.

June 28, 2006
World Premiere of "Superman Returns"

Up in the sky it's Superman..... What a premiere it was. I have been to many movie premieres and this one was fun fun fun. Sooo many stars showed up they could have cared less about us reality people, that is why you will see none of us on the list. It is nice to know the right people. Well anyway's it was a fun movie and a better party.

Click Here to see pictures from the premiere

June 25, 2006
Television legend Aaron Spelling, who produced such popular programs as "Charlie's Angels," "Dynasty" and "Beverly Hills, 90210" featuring beautiful people in glittering settings, has died, He was 83.

I have known Aaron for over 15 years. He had a heart of gold. I remember in 1994 I lived with them for three months and every night I would have dinner in their formal dining room, I would just listen to his ideas and love for the entertainment industry. I wish him well. I will miss him God Speed.

Click Here to see pictures of Aaron Spelling

June 19, 2006
Fathers Day with Trump

I was up at the Playboy Mansion yesterday playing volleyball and swimming, it was a great day seeing everyone. The place was full of people I have not seen in sometime. Summer brings out everyone I guess. Well I was reading a script towards the end of the day and I look up and Donald Trump and his son Don JR were walking over. They had come to spend fathers day at the Playboy Mansion. From what he was telling me he was shooting the Apprentice this summer in LA and looking after his new golf course that is being built in Palos Verdes,CA. They are a very nice family.

June 18, 2006
Reality Fear Factor Special Report Part Two

Click Here to listen to the Reality Minute Reality Fear Factor Special Report Part Two

Fear Factor Pictures and Video are in the motion area.

See you this summer on the E! network - The Girls Next Door starting in August.

June 16, 2006
Just for the record.

Click Here to see the live interview Just for the record with Jonathan and Victoria on TV Gasm

Click Here to read the truth about Jonathan's Confrontation With Host Joe Rogan

Click Here to listen to the Reality Minute Reality Fear Factor Special Report Part One

During the final stunt, tensions flare and emotions erupt in one of the most explosive fights in "Fear Factor" history.

Please forward all press inquiries to

June 14, 2006
"The Reality Minute scored big with the Hippies from The Amazing Race!"

Click Here for The Reality Minute Archives

Check the Archives section

May 25, 2006
Madonna Confessions on a Dance Floor Tour
The Forum
Inglewood, California

Went to see Madonna tonight. The show was very Broadway. If you have seen her once then their is no reason to go back for more. I will say she and her dance troop gave 110 % effort on stage. I like Bon Jovi so much more.

Then we were off to the American Idol finale party at the Roosevelt Hotel. Life is good.

May 23, 2006
The Break Up" Los Angeles Premiere
Westwood, California

Sometimes a movie just does not work. This movie had no pay off and depressed me. Sorry for the bad news all. The party however was off the hook.

Click Here to see pictures of the premiere

May 19, 2006
The 9 Season Winners
1, Brennan/Rob, #2 Frank/Margarita were good too but unfortunately lost in their home town.
2, Chris/Alex, #2 Tara/Wil should have won. Tara definitely cost them the race in the dying seconds.
3, Zach/Flo, he probably deserved it, not her. #4The twins should have won
4, Reichen/Chip, #2Kelly/Jon I thought should have won
5, Chip/Kim, #2 Colin/Christie should have won. Love you guys.
6, Kendra/Freddy, #2 Jon/Kris should have won
7, Uchenna/Joyce, #2 Romber were the better team. Love you guys.
8, Linz Family, #2 Bransens, I liked them better
9, Hippies, #2 Eric/Jeremy should have won

Out of the 9 season winners, I think only Linz Family and Brennan/Rob
deserved to win. The others lucked out at the end for the most part
and for most of the seasons, the better racers came in second. This is
the 2nd place curse.

May 17, 2006
Amazing Race Party

The details for the WEST COAST Amazing Race PARTY at Dave and Busters in Orange can be found at:

May 16, 2006
Bon Jovi Concert 3rd Row and Back Stage.

Jon is looking at one of my movies and invited us down to see the show and what a show it was.

Click Here to see video.

May 6, 2006
MI:3 Red Carpet
Grauman's Chinese Theatre
Los Angeles, California

MI:3 was a great action movie. I am not sure why they did not post all the people who walked the red carpet. I will tell you that the after party was as good as the movie. We saw friends we have not seen all year and it was a good time. Tomkat was in full swing. Did you see that car they pulled up in? It is worth a cool million dollars.

Click Here for pictures of MI:3 Red Carpet

May 5, 2006
CBS we have lift off. One million dollars is now in site for the last three teams. The teams that are left I picked at the start of the season BJ & Tyler, Jeremy & Eric and Ray & Yolanda. Mojo is out of the race, and I know how hard it was for both Victoria and myself to hear the words you are the last tream to arrive. What looks to be a great finish in the snow can only mean no sleep and no food for the teams going forward, after all the last leg is four days long and very physical. I hope everyone on the west coast can make it to Dave and Busters to crown the winners of the Amazing Race 9 next week. Eric and Jeremy I take my hat off to you guys for running a near prefect race.

Click Here for the Reality Minute

May 4, 2006

The million is up for grabs and this bunch of racers are heating things up with enough drama to make great TV. I will not go in to it so you will have to listen to the show today to get the scoop. Two weeks left in the season so hold on to you Amazing Race 9 butt, it has been a great season even though the rating have not what we had hope for.

Click Here for the Reality Minute

April 27, 2006

It is time to play who wants the million dollars. The race turns nasty going forward, just look at the Hippies and Mojo. I for one can not wait to see who gets to the Yield first. My money is on BJ and Tyler. The frat boys have run an Amazing Race so far and should win by the looks for things unless the Amazing Race curse is still in full swing. What curse you ask? Look at any team that has come in first for most of any race and they never win the million dollars.
Love the locations and the teams this season and hate the Detour and most of the Road blocks. Where is the adrenaline? The tasks need to build and a few metal tasks need to be brought in to the race. See you next week.

Amazing Race 9

April 20, 2006

How much money is in the middle east? It looked like you could eat off the streets they were so clean. Well BJ and Tyler still in the back of the pack but I think they will find a way and make it happen. They are a strong team with some bad luck right now. Listen to the show for team re cap this week. Working on Trump for next week. Peace

April 13, 2006

Wow, now that's what I am talking about.
I loved the Fast Forward even though Eric and Jeremy got it. The Fast Forward needs to be on at least four legs. That's the game play that allows the bottom feeders to have a shot. No elimination with the Fast Forward this time around, it has been years since they did that.
BJ and Tyler you are one lucky team to skate by a two hour fumble like that. Lake you crazy nut, I understand you and your wife so don't sweet the edit :). Now that you are gone the entertainment is gone. Thank god for BJ and Tyler. I enjoyed this EP. Next week we find out if the world is good or bad when we pass through the middle east. Reality Minute has all the details.

April 7, 2006
Showtime's Masters Of Horror" Season 2 Launch Party

Click Here to see pictures of Showtime's Masters Of Horror

April 6, 2006
The Reality Minute EP 6 is up.

Who would have thought Vandalism came from a small tribe in Italy. You learn something new everyday. I loved this pit stop it had everything the Amazing Race should have in a location. BJ and Tyler making the list for the other teams was great fun. The alpha teams are having FUN FUN FUN and it shows even if Eric and Jeremy did not fall for list. Monica you are so pretty its good to see you have a melt down every now and then. We know your human from it. The race is in full swing going forward, we now will see if anyone can keep up with the alpha males to.

April 3, 2006
The Good Life" - Red Carpet

Just another night out with all of our reality friends. Hollywood is a small world after all :)

Click Here to see photo's of The Good Life

March 29, 2006
The Reality Minute EP 5 is up.

The Bowling Mom t shirt was just another funny moment from BJ and Tyler. The Gigolos Eric and Jeremy lost their free ride with the double d's and to top it off Lake and Michelle used the Yield to make history. This was the first time a a yield was used on a first leg of it's offering. I think it was a smart move to secure their survival. It is time to bring back the fast forward so the bottom feeders have a chance to come forward. The Fast Forward makes for great TV bring it back CBS. Italy was fun and next week looks to be the start of the teams being worn down.

March 25, 2006
Reality Magazine

This site has the best reality recaps on the net.

Click Here to see Reality Magazine

March 22, 2006
Well its now battle of the alpha males on the Amazing Race 9. I loved it when BJ and Tyler tipped Phil at the mat in Red Square in Russia. DD's better get in the game or they will be going next. Maybe they can tag along with Eric and Jeremy next leg. I love this race so far because it is everything the race should be and more. I just wish they would use the fast forward on legs 5 - 9.

Victoria will be chatting in the FishBowl tonight at 7pm PST / 10pm EST.

March 17, 2006
Amazing Race Rap Song. check it then comment on it in our fourm.

The Amazing Race Rap Song click here

Got to love Racing Around the world..................

March 15, 2006
Red Sq was one of the places we wished we would have gone. Phil standing on the mat then to be continued was fun because they did it so soon this season. "to be continued" episodes are great, because the week long wait opens a box of possibilities. "Who will be eliminated?" Funniest moment of the EP was BJ and Tyler scaring Eric and Jeremy at the zip line, priceless. Whats up with Yolanda and Wanda doing the roadblock and knowing the can't swim?

( If you like The Reality Minute please lets us know )

March 8, 2006
I am loving most of the teams this season on the Amazing Race 9 . My favorites are the top four teams this week. BJ and Tyler, Eric and Jeremy, Joseph and Monica and David and Lori in that order. I think the season will close out pretty much in this weeks leaderboard. The Double D's are very entertaining to watch so I hope they stick around. I really like the rope repel and the rope climb. CBS brought back the adrenaline to the race and I thank them for that. Next up lets hope for some mind games.

March 3, 2006
Los Angeles Confidential Magazine Celebrates Annual Academy Awards Party

Matt Dillion - Philip Seymour Hoffman - Charlize Theron

Click Here to see pictures of all the famous people

We had fun at this party
Life is Good

March 2, 2006
The House of Flaunt Oscar Retreat

This day party had it all. Food - Gifts - Entertainment.

We partied like Rock Stars. We ran in to Jon Dalton AKA Fairplay. Victoria hit him again. That's my girl.

Click Here for pictures

March 1, 2006
Reality Minute season opener is up

BJ and Tyler stole the show.

World Premire of the Amazing Race 9 in Hollywood. Pictures in Gallery and Video in Motion area.

We are back to the two person teams and the international locations. Thank you CBS.

February 27, 2006
Reality TV Magazine recently caught up with Jonathan Baker from Amazing Race 6 and asked him his opinion on the idea of an Amazing Race All-Stars edition. Jonathan told Reality TV Magazine, I believe The Amazing Race All Stars will happen just not anytime soon. Since Amazing Race Family Edition did not perform the way CBS expected, I think they will let the show run for the next year and then around Amazing Race 14 pull back in the most interesting people that have been on the show from seasons 1- 13.

Jonathan also provided us with his picks for an Amazing Race All-Stars. Naturally, Jonathan included himself and his racing partner and wife Victoria on the list. His list intentionally did not include any previous winners. Here are Johathan Baker’s picks: Jonathan and Victoria, Colin and Christy, Kevin and Drew, Blake and Paige, Will and Tera, Jon and Kelly, Jon and Al, Tian and Jaree. Charla and Mirna, Kris and Jon, Brian and Greg, and a TAR 9 Team.

Click Here to see The Reality Minute inside Reality and read the full story on Phil and his thoughts on The Amazing Race All-Stars Edition

February 24, 2006
New clips from The Amazing Race and Fear Factor are up in the motion section.

New Reality Minute Starting Wednesday March 1 2006. Jon and Kris will be our guests to kick off the season of The Amazing Race 9.

February 20, 2006
Grand Opening of Guy's North Night Club

Can you say Reality get togthere. Travis Barker was the opening act. Fun times.

Click Here to see pictures of the red carpet

February 10, 2006
Grammy Night

Grammys were fun last night. We went out on the town with David Foster.
He was a much nicer person as a music mogul than as the reality star of
The Princes of Malibu. Its amazing what talent shines through in
people. We sat with Linkin Park, one of my favorite bands at the after party for dinner.

February 8, 2006
The Amazing Race 9

With the start of The Amazing Race 9 coming up I thought I would throw out my top favorite teams just from a first look at the CBS website. In no order the teams below made a first impression.

BJ & Tyler
Jeremy & Eric
Ray & Yolanda
Lake & Michelle

Let me know what you think?

February 6, 2006
Reality Speaking

The mission of Reality Speaking is to provide a forum for the world's top speakers and entertainers to promote their visions and programs globally. Our members contribute both personally and professionally to improving life on our planet. Speakers Platform members include best-selling authors, educators, celebrities, entertainers, visionaries, media personalities and top business experts.

Click Here to view my profile or just look around

February 3, 2006
World Tour

Victoria will be doing a 10 city tour of her new art. Pop Art never looked so cool. for dates.

January 31, 2006
We will be traveling most of January and Febuary

See you Feb/March 2006 for Reality Fear Factor and Amazing Race 9

January 25, 2006
Memory Lane

On this date in 2005 we were eliminated from the Amazing Race.

Click Here to see the CBS Morning show afterour final run to the mat

The Amazing Race 9 Feb 2006

January 3, 2006
Happy Birthday Jonathan


December 30, 2005
Blue Nudes

One of the best sites on the net.

Click Here to see Victoria's photo shoot with Tom Ruddock

December 23, 2005
Reality Minute

Special Season Final Recap

Click Here to Listen to the Live Radio Broadcast. The Reality Minute with Jonathan and Ara every Wednesday.

(Live Radio and Exclusive Podcast / Season Recap)

December 21, 2005
The Producers" Los Angeles Premiere


Click Here to see pictures from The Producers" Los Angeles Premiere

December 20, 2005
FSN and Celebrity Poker Tournament
Skybar Los Angeles, California

My poker friends called on me to play in this Celebrity Poker Tournament. I came in top five and gave all the money to Grass Roots Soccer Ethan Zohn's the winner of Survivor Afica charity Grassroot Soccer

Click Here to see pictures Celebrity Poker Tournament

December 19, 2005
Race Around the world

I enjoyed the final race to the mat. I liked that they finally used a puzzle during the race. I have been hoping for this in the up coming seasons. Congratulations to the final three. Even though I was hoping for the Bransens to win I am equally glad the Linz family won. I pick them both at the start of the season to win place or show.

Just a few questions are left on my mind. why is it that The Amazing Race is treated as the bastard child? Why don't we have a live finale party? CBS says, You know you can't really do that because you know who crosses the finish line. You know what I would do? I would show them running and as soon as you see them running towards the line I would stop it in mid-motion and then flip to a studio audience, pan back on the studio of everybody sitting in the studio and then continue showing it on screen. And then have everybody talk about it the same way Survivor does."

As we wait for The amazing Race 9 in February and are back to the two person teams I only have one wish. Please bring back the Fast Forward in legs 4 - 10 and limit the yield to one leg in the race.

It has been fun get all your emails and comments. Thank you for making the season so interesting

Jonathan and Victoria you are team #......................................

Click Here for the full story The Lively, Lonely Finale

The Race Around the world column is a commentary from Jonathan Baker and written by David W. Taylor on The Amazing Race 8: Family Edition.

December 18, 2005
Reality Minute

Special Guests - Stassi Schroeder

Click Here to Listen to the Live Radio Broadcast. The Reality Minute with Jonathan and Ara every Wednesday.

(Live Radio and Exclusive Podcast / Final Show)

December 12, 2005
Survivor Guatemala Final Wrap Party

I am a big fan of Survivor and I love reality TV so when I was asked by CBS to come to the final show I went with a smile. I know most of the the Survivors so meeting all the new players was like being a kid in a candy store all over again. Survivor the only game I wanted to play but never did.. CBS if you are listening drama lurks. I loved stef and Danni and both are the true winners of the game to me. Danni you won becuse you played the best game. Spend the money with that million dollar smile.

Click Here to see pictures from the Survivor Guatemala Final Wrap Party

December 11, 2005
Happy Birthday Victoria

December 9, 2005
World Premiere of "the Family Stone" Mann Village Theatre, Westwood, CA

What do Diane Keaton, Sarah Jessica Parker and Demot Mulroney have in common. A great film that will be out next week. I went to the Premiere and after party. We all had a great time then went over to a club called Ivar in Hollywood.

Click Here to see the World Premiere of "the Family Stone


December 8, 2005
Race Around the world

Well, I guess the greatest quote is, 'Well, now we're Racing for the million dollars.' You know it always comes into a true perspective in the last two episodes and I wish that we felt the Race stronger through the middle of the show. Because you feel it at the start and you feel it at the end, and it kinda loses its elasticity through the middle. And Racing for a million dollars, people don't get a chance to do that and when you realize... you could see it on their faces last night. When each one of them were told that they're Racing for a million dollars [at the Pit Stop] their complete demeanor changed... You could see the fierceness coming out," continues Jon. "When you saw the coming attractions, you saw, Oh! Don't you touch him! — Linda Weaver saying to the Linz family — you know, now taking it so seriously because they realize that they have a one in three shot of making a million dollars. And that is what The Amazing Race is all about.

Just pray that The Amazing Race 9 returns to hardcore Racing next season.

Click Here for the full story Watching A Tumbleweed And Buffalo Bill

The Race Around the world column is a commentary from Jonathan Baker and written by David W. Taylor on The Amazing Race 8: Family Edition.

December 7, 2005
Reality Minute

Click Here to Listen to the Live Radio Broadcast. The Reality Minute with Jonathan and Ara every Wednesday.

(Live Radio and Exclusive Podcast / Episode Eleven )

December 5, 2005
Romp - high-spirited, carefree, boisterous play

December 4, 2005
Paramount Pictures' World Premiere of "Aeon Flux"

Fun night, all the stars came out. Victoria looked amazing standing with Charlize Theron the star of the movie.

Click Here to view pictures Paramount Pictures' World Premiere of "Aeon Flux"

Next up was the GQ Magazine Men of the Year at Mr Chows in Beverly Hills.I played poker with Mr Chow the night before so we knew to get there on time to get a good table since the place is small.

Click Here to see pictures GQ Magazine

December 2, 2005
Race Around the world

The end of Season Eight is the first Season since Four that we've had some adrenaline. Real adrenaline. I mean, I go back to saying that airplane loop was one of my favorite stunts ever in all of The Amazing Races. The second was the tandem bungee jump outside of New Zealand in season two. That was just amazing Should The Amazing Race be more like Fear Factor and Survivor? I'm not really sure. This is a competitive show.The magic of The Amazing Race works because it's a Race. We need to see the Race and we need to see it at its rawest form... at the end, when Phil was sitting up there and they were all Racing in, that was great. And do they have to use the words: 'To Be Continued...'? I really enjoy, 'You're still Racing.' But it really bothers me, this, 'To Be Continued...' That is the energy we love to see!... Victoria for the first time, last night, looked at me and said, Now they're Racing! Now, I don't know why she really said it. I can only speculate that they were down to the teams that were feeling the million dollars?"

Click Here for the full story The Unfashionable Weavers Steal The Show

The Race Around the world column is a commentary from Jonathan Baker and written by David W. Taylor on The Amazing Race 8: Family Edition.

December 1, 2005
Reality Minute

Special Guests - Tammy and Carissa Gaghan

Click Here to Listen to the Live Radio Broadcast. The Reality Minute with Jonathan and Ara every Wednesday.

(Live Radio and Exclusive Podcast / Episode Ten )

November 23, 2005
33rd Annual American Music Awards

Well the American Music Awards were last night and they were off the hook. We sat front and center but spent most of our time back stage after half time. The gift bag was like Christmas early this year. Thank You AMA. After we went to club Privilege to the Rock the Soul After Party. This party was better than the awards. MTV should have been filming Laguna Beach because everyone from the show was there. They are now part of young Hollywood and Paris Hilton is their queen.

Click Here to see pictures of the Rock the Soul After Party

November 21, 2005
Reality This
Check it

November 16, 2005
This is the coolest site on the Internet.

Google Earth puts the planet's imagery and other geographic information right on your desktop. View exotic locales like Maui and Paris as well as points of interest such as The Playboy Mansion , The White House, even see your house just like that. If this does not blow your mind nothing will.

November 15, 2005
Sleeper Cell World Premiere

The after party was at Euro Chows in Westwood CA.

Click Here to view pictures from the Sleeper Cell Premiere

November 12, 2005
Race Around the world

I truly believe that this is the Weavers life's lesson. I hope, when their arc comes full circle, that they are able to really grasp this experience as a breaking point of one door opening and another door closing, and this being the dimension in between that really allows them to heal from their accident.

Click Here for the full story The Amazing Race 8: Family Edition A Strange Brew Called The Weavers

The Race Around the world column is a commentary from Jonathan Baker and written by David W. Taylor on The Amazing Race 8: Family Edition.

November 10, 2005
Reality Minute

Click Here to Listen to the Live Radio Broadcast. The Reality Minute with Jonathan and Ara every Wednesday.

(Live Radio and Exclusive Podcast / Episode Seven )

November 9, 2005
Race Cars, Combat Planes and House Boats!

Wow, got to love the adrenaline rush of last night. I for the first time so wanted to be there to take part. The Amazing Race is now back to its roots aside from still being inside the USA. I was excited and my thirst was satisfied. Lake Powell was the prefect pit stop too, only if you have been to Lake Powell do you know the power of it. We now have the prefect balance between the culture and the race. Next up maybe a little Survivor inside the race for the prefect combination.

November 5, 2005
Race Around the world

I believe that last night was a pinnacle in The Amazing Race: Family Edition that constituted 'family.' What I mean by that is that you really saw everybody come together and make this show what it was supposed to be.

Click Here for the full story The Amazing Race: Family Edition that constituted 'family.

The Race Around the world column is a commentary from Jonathan Baker and written by David W. Taylor on The Amazing Race 8: Family Edition.

November 3, 2005
Reality Minute

Click Here to Listen to the Live Radio Broadcast. The Reality Minute with Jonathan and Ara every Wednesday.

(Live Radio and Exclusive Podcast / Episode Six )

November 2, 2005

I like the yield but because no one uses it until the last leg I think it only needs to come once in the race on leg 6 , 7 or 8. By the way last nights use of the yield was a first since it was started in season 5. The yield is a one trick pony, its good for that moment and only that moment.

I think they could also add a twist to the team that gets the yield. I think they should be doing something like fixing or puzzling during the time. if they get that done then they can move on if not then they have to wait for the time to run out.

November 1, 2005
Carissa Gaghan we will miss you

October 31, 2005
"The Scorned" Los Angeles Premiere

What happens when you put Reality Stars in a motion picture? Who can act and who can't. You be the judge Oct 31 on E.

Click Here to see pictures from "The Scorned" Los Angeles Premiere

October 30, 2005
A chilling night at the Playboy Mansion.

What happens when we get together with all our friends? Come take a look...... It was a wild night of fun and craziness thats for sure.

Click Here to see what A chilling night at the Playboy Mansion looks like.

October 28, 2005
Race Around the world

I will admit that cute little Carissa Gaghan locked onto the camera lens and said, "I'm excited FINALLY that we're getting out of the U.S." Well, so, there you go...

Click Here for the full story The Amazing Race: Family Edition: The Fast Forward Is Fading Fast

The Race Around the world column is a commentary from Jonathan Baker and written by David W. Taylor on The Amazing Race 8: Family Edition.

October 27, 2005
Reality Minute

Click Here to Listen to the Live Radio Broadcast. The Reality Minute with Jonathan and Ara every Wednesday.

(Live Radio and Exclusive Podcast / Episode Five )

Click Here to see Exclusive Video of the The Amazing Race 8 Premiere Party

October 26, 2005

The Game Inside The Race … I have talked about this very subject many times with BVM in hopes for the FF to return for its intended use of game play inside the race. Time and time again on my web site I have focused on this subject. I’m very frustrated because of it. Raise your hand if you knew this was going to be a non-elimination round! So far, in every season since TAR 5 when a FF comes so does the non- elimination.

I wish the FF was put back in the game and used for what it was intended, strategy. Strategy was a big part of everything. Because of this issue with the FF I think the strategy has been compromised. The game inside of the race has been lost because the FF is useless as it stands. To add salt to the wound, the FF should be a competition where 2 teams face off and the winner goes on. Why do we need to see a team wait when they could be racing with each other? I love this race as a game and it needs the FF as it was intended to bring out the true race. What does everyone else think about this?

October 21, 2005
Reality Minute Live on Location

Click Here to Listen to the Live Radio Broadcast. The Reality Minute with Jonathan and Ara every Wednesday.

(Live Radio and Exclusive Podcast / Episode Four )

October 19, 2005
Return of the Racers

The Return Of The Racers is now up on Victoria and I are both excited to be a part of this new BLOG. Have you ever wondered what us racers think about right after the show? Have you ever wondered what we talk about when we get together? Have you just wanted to be a fly on the wall? Welcome to our world.

Click Here to check out The Return of the Racers on CBS

October 16, 2005
Gas for Life best Prize Ever on the Amazing Race

The prize is actually worth $1,200 a year for 50 years; each of them receives a gas card with that amount annually. Thus, in 50 years, if gas prices continue to climb exponentially, they’ll be able to get maybe two or three gallons for free every year.

Still, between the four of them, their reward is worth $240,000—a much better prize than a trip worth maybe a few thousand dollars

October 15, 2005
The Amazing Race 8: Family Edition: The Centrifuge Roadblock

WE'RE RACING FOR A MILLION DOLLARS!... we're not Racing for milk and cookies, OK. That's number one. Number two: people die on 'the street' for five dollars. What would you do for a million dollars?! Put on your thinking caps people! The only ones that deserve this so far are the Linz family, who are strong and starting to find their edge inside the game; and the Gaghan family, who have a very good attitude. Everybody else is zigging-and-zagging...

Click Here for the full story The Amazing Race: Family Edition: Centrifuge Roadblock !

The Race Around the world column is a commentary from Jonathan Baker and written by David W. Taylor on The Amazing Race 8: Family Edition.


October 12, 2005
Reality Minute

Click Here to Listen to the Live Radio Broadcast. The Reality Minute with Jonathan and Ara every Wednesday.

(Live Radio and Exclusive Podcast / Episode Three )

Click Here to see Exclusive Video of the The Amazing Race 8 Premiere Party

October 8, 2005
The Amazing Race 8: Family Edition: Family Circus

"I go back to Billy and Carissa... and they're doing better than half of the other teams out there, and you're talking about little kids! So they are the ones that I'm rooting for. They've got character, they've got heart and obviously for comic relief I'll throw in the Paolo family. I was looking for Mama Paolo — who is the badass of the bunch — to lose it again. I mean, she kinda did. I mean she's the most interesting character... These are people who collect garbage for a living so they're really running the American dream. The rest of them really haven't made an impression on me."

Click Here for the full story The Amazing Race: Family Edition: Family Circus!

The Race Around the world column is a commentary from Jonathan Baker and written by David W. Taylor on The Amazing Race 8: Family Edition for


October 5, 2005
Reality Minute

Click Here to Listen to the Live Radio Broadcast. The Reality Minute with Jonathan and Ara every Wednesday.

(Live Radio and Exclusive Podcast / Episode Two )

The Amazing Race Rap Song click here
October 1, 2005
The Amazing Race 8: Family Edition: Peek-A-Boo, Kevin & Drew!

I couldn't believe it. It was agonizing. One family after another shimmied their tank-like GMC Yukon XLs to a jolting halt in front of a lonesome Hot Dog Stand on 91st Street in New York City. And one after another, they bailed out from their dark SUV fortresses and ran up to that cart and asked the two bald Hot Dog vendors for their special "frank" — this the clue to their next Clue. And one after another, on and on, fumbling and falling like toy soldiers... each team failed to take-in who these frankfurter tradesmen actually were; these two Amazing Race titans that were slouching before them. Ladies and gentlemen (boys & girls), I give you: The legendary Kevin & Drew from The Amazing Race, Season One.

Click Here for the full story The Amazing Race: Family Edition: Peek-A-Boo, Kevin & Drew!

The Race Around the world column is a commentary from Jonathan Baker and written by David W. Taylor on The Amazing Race 8: Family Edition for


September 26, 2005
Reality Minute

Click Here to Listen to the Live Radio Broadcast. The Reality Minute with Jonathan and Ara every Wednesday.

(Live Radio and Exclusive Podcast / Episode One )

The Amazing Race Rap Song click here
September 25, 2005
With the start of The Amazing Race 8 coming up I thought I would throw out my top favorite teams just from a first look at the CBS website. In no order the teams below made a first impression.

Linz Family
Aiello Family
Bransen Family

Click Here for The Amazing Race 8 Radio Recap with Jonathan and Ara starting Sept 28

September 24, 2005
Reality Mafia

Its a fun night when the Reality Mafia gets togthere to party. Our new calander will be in stores next week. Who is having fun now?

Click Here to see pictures from the Reality 2006 Calander Launch Party

September 21, 2005
Reality Minute Special Report

Click Here to Listen to the Live Radio Re-Broadcast. Reality Minute Special Report

(Live Radio and Exclusive Podcast / Reality Minute Special Report)

September 19, 2005
The Amazing Race won its third consecutive Emmy in the Outstanding Reality Competition Program category. The award is given for multiple seasons for both The Amazing Race 6 and The Amazing Race 7.

I will keep it very short. I would like to thank the academy, CBS and everyone who worked on the Amazing Race to make it the show that it is today.

Both Victoria and my self will be picking up our Emmy next week in Hollywood. Thanks for a great year.

September 14, 2005
I would like to think I am an expert on Reality TV. Every week I do TV, radio and print interviews, take meetings in the Hollywood community and speak about where the industry is going openly. I am a big fan of Reality TV at the end of the day. I truly love the fly on the wall medium and its effect on people. Next week I will be speaking on the after life of Reality TV. We as Reality personalities have two choices, do nothing or take a stand and do something with our voice. I invite everybody to be part of the future of Reality TV. Speak your ideas.

September 13, 2005

What men really want for their birthdays?
Cars, Ferrari's and if we can't have that then a book of sexy, romantic and sexual coupons that can be traded in though out the year.

Click Here to read the full interview

September 12, 2005
World Premiere of the VH1 series "My Fair Brady"

We were asked by our friends at VH1 to come out and support the new show starring Adrianne Curry and Christopher Knight. They are a cute odd couple in the form of Felix and Oscar. We sat with Jose Canseco and Caprice Bourret from the Surreal Life.

Click Here for pictures of the Premiere of My Fair Brady

September 10, 2005
Retro - Battle Zone

This week we will have Scott Baio on our radio show and next week we will have Farrah Fawcett, both are friends of mine and were in original Battle of the Network Stars. We will be taking a walk down memory lane. If you have any question for them please email us before the start of the show.

Join Jonathan Baker & Victoria Fuller for BATTLE ZONE the "Battle of the Reality Network Stars" Radio Show every Thursday at 3PM(PT)/6PM(ET

Remember if you have missed a show of Battle Zone you can always download it in the On Demand Archives area.

September 7, 2005
Steven Soderbergh says reality TV is "as far from reality as you can imagine"

On reality TV, They are forcing the issue onto characters and trying to force these people to be humiliated. it is as far from reality as you can imagine.

Steven Soderbergh

This is kinda what I have been saying along when I refer to the edit. Now a top Hollywood Director who has a show of his own HBO K Street is confirming what I said months ago. Even though I went into The Amazing Race to be the Villain the edit made it worse that it really was because of the need for Reality Characters. Just food for thought.

Jonathan Baker

September 6, 2005
What They Did Not Show You On Bravo last Night.....Sabotage

Battle Zone

Find out why the Light Blue team really went home. Find out why the Soap Box Car really crashed. Who sabotaged the car because they did not become captain? Find this out and more today on Battle Zone at 3pm PST 6 pm EST.

Click Here to listen to BATTLE ZONE with Jonathan and Victoria

September 3, 2005
The Madman Of Reality TV Returns To Battle

"I truly believe that Battle Of The Network Reality Stars and Kill Reality are going to redefine Reality Television as we know it by bringing out personalities that have been defined by the Networks and abandoned by the Networks. I just think that there will always be places for people that are personalities. As long as there is a distribution center I think that will work.

It's the cable stations that will be making money off these personalities, if they will get enough ratings to justify the production. And, in this case, it's not about the personalities. It's that there's a secondary marketplace for personalities after they have been established as personalities. All these people who are out there right now are either going to fade kinda into the sunset or it's going to turn into something. And I'm hoping we're at the forefront..."

Click Here to read Jonathan Baker The Madman Of Reality TV Returns To Battle

Join Jonathan Baker & Victoria Fuller for the "Battle of the Reality Network Stars" Radio Show every Thursday at 3PM(PT)/6PM(ET

September 1, 2005
E! Entertainment Television's 2005 Summer TV line up Splash Event - Red Carpet launch Party
The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel Hollywood, California

Look at all the personalities that came out that night. Bob Guiney, Brittny and Lisa Gastineau, Bruce Jenner,
Ethan Zohn, INXS, Jessica and Ashlee Simpson, Jonny Fairplay, Trishelle Cannatella, Joe Simpson Just to name a few................

Click Here for pictures of E! Entertainment Television's 2005 Summer Splash Event - Red Carpet Party

August 28, 2005
Air Dates

Just a quick reminder to all, we will be on Kill Reality again Monday Aug 29 on E at 9pm. Will also be on Playboys the Girls Next Door also on E with our friends Holly, Kendra and Bridget over the next few weeks. We had a great summer, thank you for all the emails. Battle Zone our radio show is a big hit thanks to all of you. Look forward to a great fall and The Amazing Race 8 (Family Edition)

Jonathan and Victoria

Click Here for The Amazing Race 8 with Jonathan and Victoria

The Amazing Race Rap Song click here

August 27, 2005
Kill Reality: Episode 6

When you thought reality television couldn't get any crazier...The reality stars on this week's episode of "Kill Reality" proved that there are absolutely no limits! And with the addition of Big Brother alumni, as well as The Amazing Race's Jonathon Baker and Victoria Fuller, the hot and sizzling action never cooled down.

A day in the sand becomes a day out of hand when the cast of "Kill Reality" tries to shoot a few scenes on the beach. Jonny Fairplay is M.I.A. along with a girlfriend. Reichen from the "Amazing Race" has his head in the clouds, and the concentration level becomes difficult when Diane Henry and Lori Valenti show up on set half-naked. During this all Jonathon Baker confronts Rob Cesternino the co-screen writer and producer of "The Scorned" in front of everyone on set with regards to some unfinished business. With so many distractions, the question remains if the cast of "Kill Reality" will ever be able to finish the making of their movie, "The Scorned."

August 25, 2005
Battle Fun Links
Click Here for Jonathan's profile
Click Here for Victoria's profile
Click Here to see Jonathan's game ball
Click Here for Jonathan's game wisdom
Click Here for Victoria's wisdom

Join Jonathan Baker & Victoria Fuller for Battle Zone the "Battle of the Reality Network Stars" Radio Show every Thursday at 3PM(PT)/6PM(ET

August 17, 2005
Wednesday, August 17 at 9:00 p.m.

See stars like Omarosa and Jonathan Baker in the dunk tank, see Victoria Fuller try to navigate a kayak race and run a relay race! And watch as the final two network teams battle it out in the famed "tug of war"! In a homage to the great 70's battle of the biggest stars in network television, Bravo takes some of today's biggest stars - the leading men and women of reality TV - and pits them against each other in a 6-episode tournament taking place at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California. Reality stars will be divided into teams based on the networks on which their shows aired. The winning team will get cash and prizes.


Amazing Race 8 Fall 2005

Click Here for The Amazing Race Radio Recap with Jonathan and Ara

July 7, 2005
World Series of Poker

Going to play in the World Series of Poker. Be back soon.

June 30, 2005
Kill Reality premieres on E Entertainment Television on Monday, July 25 at 10:00PM ET/PT .

Yes we are busy this summer. Add this to your summer TV.

Los Angeles , June 2005 E s new one-hour series Kill Reality joins together television's most infamous cast members from your favorite reality shows and invites them to take a shot at one another -- while finally getting their shot at the big time -- by starring in an all-new horror film, The Scorned. The televission series captures all of the dramatic tension that arises when you give reality stars what they have been striving for -- the chance to act . But will the real back-stabbing begin when the director yells Cut? Kill Reality premieres on E Entertainment Television on Monday, July 25 at 10:00PM ET/PT .

We both will have cameo roles in both the movie The Scorned and the TV Reality show Kill Reality. Being killed was never this interesting.

June 22, 2005
Playboy July 2005 Issue Release Party

I was playing cards with Hefner and his new show ( The world Of Playboy ) for E was filming us, the next thing I knew I am in a limousine picking up Victoria and heading over to the July 2005 Issue Release Party. E had the night covered, who would have known Reality TV would have been so much fun.

Click Here for pictures Playboy July 2005 Issue Release Party

PS The World of Playboy is being filmed for E for a mid Summer program so look for us in and around the show.

Premieres on E Entertainment Television on Sunday, August 8 2005 at 9:00PM ET/PT .

June 14, 2005
Airplane" 25th Anniversary Screening

Who remembers Airplane the Movie. We do, this the 25th anniversary brought out the memory's so Paramount Pictures brought the cast and the directors together to have some fun and we were there. It was a night of fun and laughs.

Click Here for pictures Airplane 25th Anniversary Screening

June 11, 2005
Volume Up, Filters OFF!

I had been waiting years to play on The Amazing Race. I didn t want to play it weak. You know, I wanted to go out there and have some fun. I always said, she was either my rock or my atomic bomb.

Hopefully you see somebody that really had a great passion to play the game. That wanted it. If you re going to step into that light you need to take that responsibility, there is a responsibility... Hopefully I m confident not egotistical. Hopefully I m passionate not arrogant. Because having a Raised Voice in America is something special. And with that I take great responsibility and hopefully doing something good with it. I mean, that s it. It s that simple. My intentions are to turn that energy into something positive, to give back to the community; to find a way to take something that was not necessarily the greatest moment and turn it into greatness...

Click Here The Interview: Volume Up, Filters OFF!

Jonathan Baker

June 6, 2005
Rupert on the Amazing Race 8 ?

Rupert is missing in action and this only leads me to think
TAR 8. Even though the press release said Rupert and his family will not be on The Amazing Race 8 I think they will be on the show this fall. Will they get far is the real question. I think not. What do you think?

June 2, 2005
MTV Movie Awards Gift Day

We had lunch with Paris Hilton, drinks with Gene Simmons and got gift from MTV. What a great day.

Click Here for pictures MTV Movie Awards Hollywood Gift Day

May 28, 2005
Life & Style Magazine presents STYLEMAKERS 2005

Day After at Montmartre Lounge Los Angles California ,Charity Auction, including a special performance
by Fantasia. Other celebrities expected: Tori Spelling, Carman Electra, Jonathan Baker and Victoria fuller.

We had fun tonight if you want to see the party. Click Here for pictures Life & Style Magazine Party

May 14, 2005
Maxim Magazine

Maxim Magazine's Hot 100 Red Carpet Party was last night. It was a hot party. It felt like summer on the roof top of Hollywood and Highland.

Nicole Richie, Tara Reid, Adrian Curry and Christopher Knight are all fans of The Amazing Race and all had somthing to say to us about the season finale.

Jonathan and Victoria

May 13, 2005
Want to know what really happened with the plane?

Click Here Uchenna & Joyce tell all

See you next season on The Amazing Race 8

Jonathan and Victoria

May 12, 2005
Rob has added an element to The Amazing Race that has been sadly missing from past editions: creativity. This race needs the game aspect and Rob confirmed it this season. So for that alone I say give the devil whats due him. Rob and Amber you are the true winners of the Amzing Race 7.

May 11, 2005
Before I post my final final on The Amazing Race 7, I just want to start with this statement.

After the doors are closed and the ramp is removed have you ever seen a plan open up again for a standby passenger?

I want to hear your thoughts so write me or put it in the forum under TAR 7. Look for a full post over the next few days.

The Amazing Race Rap Song click here

Amazing Race

May 6, 2005
Racing to Abbey Road in a race around the world

The image has popped up at least 1000 times since 1968. The album cover to the Beatles Abbey Road featured John, Paul, George and Ringo walking across Abbey Road, which is the street right near the famous studio where they conducted some of their famous recording sessions.

Since then, everyone from the Red Hot Chili Peppers to the comedians across the world have tried to spoof the famous scene. It's a bit perplexing to know what's been so fascinating about that scene where it's been reproduced as many times as it has, but many people flock to it for source of inspiration, usually from a comedic perspective.

But the producers of The Amazing Race didn't really use Abbey Road as a source of comedy, instead using it as not only a challenge of intelligence and resourcefulness, but as a way to get to know London as well.

Click Here for the full story of Racing to Abbey Road in a race around the world

The Race around the world column is a commentary from Jonathan Baker and Steve Coogan for on the
Amazing Race 7


April 25, 2005

We are off to hang out with Jon and kris from The Amazing Race season 6 for a little R&R tomorrow tonight. We are going to San Jose Cabo, Mexico. Cabo wabo for sure, thats right Sammy Hagar will be with us and It s Jon s birthday so our stay should make for one wild time. If you happen to be down there come say hi. We always welcome the fun.

Amazing Race 7 almost over

April 24, 2005
Spirituality and the Sacrifice in a Race Around the World

You re still racing..........

Spirituality defined being spiritual is often discussed as goal-directed, with aims such as: to simultaneously improve one s wisdom, will power and communion with God/universe, which necessitates the removal of illusions at the sensory, feeling and thinking aspects of a person.

Joyce shaving head was one of these moments. I think it was one of the greatest moments I have ever seen in The Amazing Race I was blown away by her transformation.

Of course, the metaphorical definition of the word sacrifice applies to Joyce better because that’s in reference to selfless good deeds for others. She gave up the look she loved, cared about and worked hard to maintain to keep her team in the race. It might be easier for a man considering most of them wear their hair short and don’t consider it a fashion accessory. But for a woman to go out there like that? It really is a big deal.

Its part of the game we need to see. We don’t care about the tasks at hand. We care about human drama and putting normal people in unrealistic situations and making them come through and be amazing. If you’re not willing to do ANYTHING to win, then why bother running the Amazing Race?

Click Here for the full story of Spirituality and Sacrifice
in a Race Around the World

The Race around the world column is a commentary from Jonathan Baker and Steve Coogan for on the
Amazing Race 7


The Amazing Race Rap Song click here

April 17, 2005
Illusions in a Race Around the World

Any magical effect that to the spectator looks impossible, but is accomplished through real-world means. Illusion is often applied to the large stage magic tricks. Could the editing on The Amazing Race be considered a large scale magic trick? And by watching, you could draw the conclusion that Rob and Amber are the dirtiest players of the game? Or could you? After all, the way Lynn and Alex constantly behave toward and scheme against Rob and Amber, you’d think that the happy Survivor couple were sent by Lucifer himself to ruin the game for all those involved. Lynn and Alex constantly explain practically gritting their teeth in disdain how much they hate Rob and Amber. They see themselves as the ultimate rivals to Rob and Amber even though Rob and Amber don’t care about them at all .

What have Rob and Amber done over the last few weeks that have made them such dirty players? Sure, there were a couple of incidents at the beginning of the race that might be construed as dirty. They really just think outside of the box where most of the other teams are stuck inside that box. But look at the last few weeks. They are constantly finishing first or second in these legs of the race and are just doing their thing in the process. They are remaining focused, calm, cool and are just running a good race to this point.

Maybe some of Robs tricks havent really popped up in the editing. Maybe he s adapted such a slick strategy from his past reality TV days, that not only are the other teams not picking up on it, it s not really showing up in the eyes of those producing and editing.

To be Continued....................

Click Here for the full story of Illusions in a Race Around the World

The Race around the world column is a commentary from Jonathan Baker and Steve Coogan for on the
Amazing Race 7


April 12, 2005
Jonathan and Victoria are in the May issue of Playboy. Victoria is nude Jonthan is not :)

click here for Victoria in Playboy

We will be in NYC this week doing press for Playboy and VH1 and Sirius. Tuesday night we will be on the late late show. On Wednesday we will be on the Big Idea with Donny Deutsch at 10pm on CNBC. Star magazine and US magazine will be following us around town doing pictorials around our time spent in the big city coming out the following week. We will be causing trouble so find us if you can.

April 7, 2005
Big Bucks, Big Bucks, No whammies! in a race around the world

Lions, Tigers and brothers oh my. They get the whammy and big bucks denied.

The same way Brian and Greg said that they did not want to hit the whammy, they ended up coming face-to-face with it, big time.It cost them one million dollars. By the time they got to end looking scraggily with their winter hats, scarves and bathing suits on that they took the form of the whammy. Whether they looked like the whammy or not, Brian and Greg got eliminated from the game and I wanted to take the time and pay tribute to them, their performance and what they brought to the game. Sure, it's strange to do it in the form of the whammy, but it was done out of respect. These guys were having fun and providing entertainment to all of us. I for one just wanted to say thank you.

Click Here for the full Story They get the whammy and big bucks denied.

The Race around the world column is a commentary from Jonathan Baker and Steve Coogan for on the
Amazing Race 7


April 1, 2005
Karma: Sacrificial Lambs in a Race around the world

"According to Buddhism, this inequality is due not only to heredity, environment, 'nature and nurture,' but also to Karma. In other words, it is the result of our own past actions and our own present doings. We ourselves are responsible for our own happiness and misery. We create our own Heaven. We create our own Hell. We are the architects of our own fate."

It goes deeper than just that one paragraph summary, but the idea of karma relates to The Amazing Race because as we saw in the latest extended episode of the seventh season, two teams saw karma catch up to them, big time. One of them ended up out of the competition and the other probably isn't too far behind.

Click Here for the full Story Karma: Sacrificial Lambs.

The Race around the world column is a commentary from Jonathan Baker and Steve Coogan for on the
Amazing Race 7


March 24, 2005
Chasing the Dragon in a Race Around the World.

The term (according to relates to a form of ingesting heroin. Instead of shooting it through a needle, many people choose to burn the drug and ingest it through breathing in the fumes and let their lungs act as a filter (the smoke looks like a spiraling dragon tail I guess...It originated in China). But an important point about burning heroin: it takes more skill to achieve that elusive high that heroin users and addicts seek so badly.

It's the best of both worlds really and it's that high that heroin users "chasing the dragon" attempt to get. CBS was able to expand their audience naturally by attracting the huge Survivor audience to tune in to another CBS show and it also attracted other people to the show. Maybe they weren't fans of The Amazing Race originally. Maybe they weren't even fans of Survivor originally, but they were enough of a draw that people wanted to see how they would do in another reality show environment.

Can it be said any better......... I think we really hit home with our point of view this week.

Click Here for the full story Chasing the Dragon....

The Race around the world column is a commentary from Jonathan Baker and Steve Coogan for


March 16, 2005
Good Bye Debbie and Bianca you had what it took to be the first girl team to win the Amazing Race 7. I for one was rooting for you. You have my respect girls.

I wish I was back on the race, oh the fun that Rob and Amber are having. I would have given them a run for their money. As I always say you make your own luck in this world and that's what they are doing. "Without taking chances you can't have any luck" So true. The luck factor will run out and do them in, mark my words. But until then Rob and Amber play the game hard and fast. " I found a way to plot and scheme in the Amazing Race " lol Don't you just love it, I do................ Everything I tried to do and more. When they stole the cab I thought only Rob could have gotten away with that. Rob and Amber make this season fun.

My random thoughts for the week...... I think Ray and Deana, Susan and Patrick and Uchenna and Joyce will both finish top four. Don't under estimate them. These teams have what it takes to stay in the game.

Amazing Race Rap Song. check it then comment on it in our fourm.

The Amazing Race Rap Song click here

Got to love Racing Around the world..................


March 9, 2005
I will say it again. I think Rob and Amber are great entertainment. I think they are great for the Amazing Race 7.
Why everyone has a stick up there A$$ about them I am not sure. They are racing well and they are playing the
game the way the game should be played.

Tonight EP 2 Brain & Greg, Debbie, Megan and Patrick Aaron and Haydan AR6, Rebbeca AR6 and Brennan AR1 and Burton from Survivor all went to watch the Race together. The party never ended we started in Santa Monica and found our self in Hollywood well after Megan and Heidi hit the mat. We laughed all night long.

The question of the night was Debbie & Bianca the best friends gay. The answer is.............
NO lol they are just good friends. They are like sisters, its all in fun.
Now that you know you can stop asking. Derek and Romaine I hope your happy with the answer :)

Look for Pictures and Video over the weekend.

we will be on Radio Fishbowl Wed March 9 1 pm PST come to the intervirew and ask the question you have always wanted to ask.

Click Here The FishBowl Interview

Jonathan and Victoria

March 2, 2005
What a night it was........ The start of THE AMAZING RACE 7 was nothing but great. Brain & Greg, Debbie and Bianca, Lynn and Alex, Megan and Heidi and Patrick all head over to a mansion in the Hollywood Hills to watch the premiere. The teams were very excited and were fun to be with. This is going to be a kick Ass season.
Yes it will be the Rob and Amber show this season so lets hope its all about their drama then.I think they raced very well coming from last place at the start of the show.
If you have any questions post them in the forum area. See you next Tuesday.

Jonathan and Victoria

March 1, 2005
WE are very excited for tonights premiere of The Amazing Race 7.
Yes we are Rob and Amber fans.
Good luck to all.

Looking forward to Amazing Race 7

Jonathan and Victoria

February 15, 2005
Dr Phil Feb 15 2005 CBS 9pm enough said

Geraldo Rivera Show FoxNews CH Feb 19 2005

Star Magazine Feb 24 2005

Newsweek Feb 28 2005

Jonathan and victoria
Looking forward to Amazing Race 7

February 11, 2005
Another One Million Dollars gone

And the winner is .......... Well you know the answer to that don't you :)

Now lets have some fun, my buddy Raa D (Ara Andonian) at "108 Records" ( created the first
Amazing Race Rap Song. check it then comment on it in our fourm under The World of Music.

The Amazing Race Rap Song click here

Looking forward to Amazing Race 7

February 8, 2005
The reality brat pack together again. We all are in NYC to watch the final run for the
money. Before the end comes we will eat drink and party until dawn. This three day party
will be our farewell to the show but not to each other.

February 6, 2005
Superbowl Sunday and we will be on the radio with our pick. Join us for the fun and excitement. Its Wild On with Jonathan and Victoria live with Marcus Allen and Drew Carey.

Click Here Mr Nasty

Jonathan and victoria
Looking forward to Amazing Race 7

February 3, 2005
Last night we had dinner with Chip and Kim from Amazing Race 5, they were as nice as anyone could be. We found we had more in common than we thought.

Click Here Chip and kim website

We leave for New York City the end of the week to do final press for the Amazing Race and the Dr Phil prime time special .

Victoria will being having a pre show of her new Pop Art over the weekend in Soho.

Victoria and I with then leave for London for a short
time to check on pre production of my latest film Fate that lens this summer.

Amazing Race 6

January 27, 2005
You can't have bad karma if you're born in America :)

Reality TV Blurred- Click Here

January 21, 2005
And then it was over just like that......... It was the most expensive piece of ass we ever had. We want to thank the people that liked us and even the people that hated us. The lines were drawn with such conviction. Jonathan is feeling better and with more treatment his Sarcoidosis will get better. We knew going in we would not be Ozzy and Harriet but had no idea we would be we would come out Ozzy and Sharon. :) We loved running the Amazing Race as much as watching it. Until next time.

The Early Show - Click Here

Jonathan and Victoria
The Amazing Race 6

January 1, 2005
Happy New Years

We wish you Happiness and Success.

Jonathan and Victoria
Amazing Race 6

December 22, 2004
Happy Holidays

Keep Smiling :)

Jonathan and Victoria

December 19, 2004
Don't worry, I am fine. Its a TV show and not a true reflection of our relationship. We both over reacted.


December 16, 2004
London 2:20am

All of us have our faults. Unfortunately for me millions of viewers are getting to see mine each week. I do not abuse Victoria,
what you see is a heightened version of stress and obsession mixed with medication for a sickness called Sarcoidosis. What was started as a Publicity Stunt turned in to an obsession to race and be first at any cost. This is a GAME and I set out to be the Villain to others, not to Victoria. Victoria and I are working on our relationship to better our selves and learn from our mistakes. I am taking full responsibly for my actions on screen. Please allow me to make the effort.

I am deeply saddened by the storyline that CBS went with, they had so much other footage they could use. I am sorry for my actions, I am sorry to Victoria. Most all I am sorry to the Fans of the Amazing Race.


December 1, 2004
If you're going to lead, lead. If you're going to follow, follow. Anything else get the @#$! out of the way. We are
playing a GAME for One Million Dollars.

November 26, 2004
I am going on Location in Dec 2004 for a few weeks to direct my next film. Victoria will be finishing her World Tour with her Pop Art. Blog will return after the first of the year. Controlling Interest my last film will be in movie houses in the spring. Enjoy

Jonathan and Victoria

November 20, 2004
We want all of you to know that yes we are human and yes we fight but in the end we do love each other. The stress from the Race brought out the unknown and this is what you are seeing. We are true fans of The Amazing Race and loved every second of running it. Jonathan was colorful and crazy on the show because he could be and just wanted to have fun with the experience.
We hope you can have fun with us as we laugh at ourselves on The Amazing Race 6.

Jonathan and Victoria

November 18, 2004
What an Amazing Race it was last night. TAR6 last night had a 7.4/12 rating/share. This is a 14% increase on TAR5
Premiere of 6.4/11. 11.8 million people where their to see the racers get to Iceland.

I cracked up when I watched Jonathan and I on the race I crowned us the Bickersons lol. And NO I am not really
going to change my name.
I thought it was fast paced and thrilling to see what all the other racer experienced. I was sure glad to know the other
teams had their issues too.

Check back soon for photos of our premiere party it was out of control. Guest included Aaron Crumbaugh, Hayden Kristianson, Hera Mcleod,Joe Rashbaum, Bolo Dar'tainian, Adam Malis, Rebecca Cardon, Pauly Shore tons of Playmates,
Hugh Hefner and his Blondtorage' and close friends and family. The house was packed.

Next week we do it all again......................


November 15, 2004
Welcome to the official site of Jonathan Baker and Victoria Fuller. Check back shortly for updates on
our travels around the world.

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